Low Prices Make Blepharoplasty in Thailand Affordable


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Do you know how little it costs to undergo eyelid surgery in Thailand? Blepharoplasty prices here make the procedure a realistic option for those of us whose eyes make the reflection in the mirror look older than we actually are. With time and gravity, the top eyelids can become heavy and drooping and the lower eyelids can develop bags. If you have tried everything local and topical to make your eyes look better without success, then maybe it’s time to consider surgery.

What Does Blepharoplasty Involve?

A blepharoplasty is surgery, usually done on an outpatient basis, which will remove drooping and excess skin very gently from around the eyes. It may also remove fat under the eyes that contribute to eye bags. The incisions and sutures are put in the natural crease of the eyes, so will not be visible once the healing process is complete.

Blepharoplasty can be done as a standalone procedure, or may be combined with a brow lift, a facelift or even non-invasive cosmetic treatments that will make you look younger. For instance, if you don’t want or need extensive surgery, you can always opt for Botox and filler injections that will refresh your appearance and result in smoother and younger looking skin.


But Isn’t Cosmetic Surgery Like Blepharoplasty Expensive?

The surgery may well be expensive in your home country, but in Thailand, blepharoplasty prices are astonishingly low and eminently affordable. When your eyelids are tightened, your whole face looks uplifted and more youthful. To see just how much difference this surgery can make to your looks, browse our website for before and after blepharoplasty pictures of real patients who have undergone the treatment.

In Thailand, medical care is affordable because the cost of living in this tropical country is relatively low. To cater to increased demand from medical tourists, the country has developed a modern medical infrastructure comprising large multi-specialty hospitals and smaller specialized clinics that largely cater to medical tourists. These have state-of-the-art amenities, use the latest technology and are manned by highly trained and qualified doctors who are fluent English speakers. And if you are from a non-English speaking country, you will find that many of the hospitals offer interpreter services in different languages.

Cost of Blepharoplasty in Thailand


As mentioned, blepharoplasty prices are extremely low despite the fact that you can have the procedure carried out at a number of top blepharoplasty clinics. In Thailand , you can expect to pay about AUD $2015 (NZD $2119, GBP £1168, €1342, USD $1500, CAD $2016), compared to domestic doctors who can charge as much as AUD $8400 (NZD $8831, GBP £4870, €5596, USD $6250, CAD $8402). Some of the top hospitals where blepharoplasty procedures are carried out include:

As you can see, in Thailand blepharoplasty prices are very affordable and, with quality facilities available all over the country, you can easily find a suitable clinic in the locale of your choice. At Medical Departures, we have vetted all of the clinics on our website to ensure they are up to scratch, and we also offer a best price guarantee to all patients who book their treatment through us.

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