Medical Tourism in Costa Rica: History and Scope


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Medical Tourism in Rica Offers Great Savings on Medical, Dental, and Cosmetic Services

If there is anything that comes close to affordable healthcare for westerners, it is medical tourism. Now more and more people from countries like the UK, US, and Australia are booking medical and dental procedures with hospitals in other countries where prices are lower than their own country. Costa Rica is an emerging medical tourism destination. Medical tourism in Costa Rica now forms a substantial part of Costa Rica’s tourism industry, with almost 10% of all visitors to this country being medical or dental tourists.

Within Costa Rica, medical tourism in San Jose gives you access to world-class hospitals and clinics at the lowest prices imaginable in the country’s capital.

The primary reason why medical tourism is growing in Costa Rica is the golden opportunity to save money. Healthcare costs and also prices for plastic surgery are sky-high in the US. Moreover, insurance can be a tricky affair, with people having to pay through the nose and out of pocket for cosmetic procedures. However, just by getting a getting on a flight to Costa Rica, medical tourists can get all kinds of first-rate healthcare services at a fraction of their home prices. Medical tourism in Costa Rica has been going on since 1980s, but in the last couple of years, tourist traffic has seen some serious growth. In 2015 alone, around 70,000 medical tourists travelled to Costa Rica, earning the country millions of dollars in revenue.

High Standards of Health Care

Cost is not the only factor that has given medical tourism in this country a boost. While you are paying low prices, the standard of medical services is the same as any western country. Some of the best clinics for cosmetic procedures in the country are Pablo Solis , Paul Flikier, and the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic.


These clinics are equipped with the latest technologies and the surgeons are up-to-date on recent developments in these fields. You can not only get all kinds of specialized procedures, but these surgeons also use innovative techniques to deliver best results. For instance, Dr. Pablo Solis specializes in microsurgery, which is a technique used to restore physical function following trauma or disease.

Affordable Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica

Nose job and breast enlargement are two of most popular procedures that tourists sign up for in Costa Rica. The average cost of rhinoplasty in the US is $8,800, whereas rhinoplasty in Costa Rica costs around $3,603. Likewise, breast augmentation in Costa Rica can cost you around $3,610, a procedure that takes $11,500 in the US. For these major procedures, you can save around 60% of the costs as compared to getting it done in your country.

What Else?

Industry analysts comment that while Costa Rica’s medical tourism is thriving, it has still not reached its full potential. What this means is that with each passing year, the benefits outlined above are only going to increase. Of course, Costa Rica is also beautiful country and an exotic location for tourists. Medical tourism in Costa Rica gives you the unique chance to undergo major procedures like cosmetic surgery and also explore this amazing holiday destination.

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