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Do you want to give your appearance a boost and impress your friends with a high-quality facial liposuction procedure but want to avoid overpriced American and Canadian facial liposuction clinics? Mexico offers an excellent alternative to these clinics – easily accessible facilities staffed by world-class surgeons, many of which are in beautiful tourist hotspot resort areas. You can add a vacation onto the package and make a round-trip rejuvenation journey!

The first, primary concern most Medical Departures clients have is the facial liposuction price. With that in mind, before we get to the quality-check reviews of our top facial liposuction clinics in Mexico, check out our side-by-side review of average American and Canadian clinics’ prices in comparison to our top selected Mexican clinics:

Facial Liposuction Prices:

Western Average

$8,616 USD ($11,421 AUD, $12,253 NZD, $11,630 CAD, €8,033 EUR, £6,728 GBP)

Jenny Bracamontes Blanco

$1,058 USD ($1,402 AUD, $1,505 NZD, $1,428 CAD, €986 EUR, £826 GBP)

Sastre Cirugia Plastica

$1,347 USD ($1,786 AUD, $1,916 NZD, $1,818 CAD, €1,256 EUR, £1,052 GBP)

Dr. Alejandro Homez Aguirre

$1,420 USD ($1,882 AUD, $2,019 NZD, $1,917 CAD, €1,324 EUR, £1,109 GBP)

Clinica Altamira

$1,500 USD ($1,988 AUD, $2,133 NZD, $2,025 CAD, €1,399 EUR, £1,171 GBP)

With just a quick look, you will see that you will save on average about seven thousand American dollars when you visit these Mexican clinics for your facial liposuction, without sacrificing any of the quality of Western clinics!


Check out the clinics’ linked Medical Departures profiles for more information and specific, personalized price quotes.

Facial Liposuction Clinics:

Jenny Bracamontes Blanco:

Jenny Bracamontes Blanco has operated since 1997. Performing a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures, the clinic specializes in facial cosmetic surgery.

The clinic is widely respected, earning a perfect 5-star rating based on nearly a hundred reviews from Medical Departures clients.

Facial Liposuction Before and After Photos:

Sastre Cirugia Plastica:

Another 5-star rated provider as rated by real-life clients of Medical Departures, Sastre Cirugia Plastica continues a multi-generational family legacy of plastic surgery excellence.

Dr. Sastre, the clinic’s head surgeon and namesake, is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and has trained with surgeons all across the West, from Europe to North America.

Facial Liposuction Before and After Photos:

Dr. Alejandro Homez Aguirre:

Dr. Alejandro Homez Aguirre is based in the world-class, pristine, technologically advanced Galenia Hospital. The doctor has practiced cosmetic surgery across several disciplines for over 30 years, leaving his patients assured their looks are safe in his experienced, precise hands.

Facial Liposuction Before and After Photos:

Clinica Altamira:

Clinica Altamira has operated for 13 years, and joins the elite ranks of Medical Departures clinics to earn a 5-star satisfaction rating from clients. Dr. Francisco Quintero and his staff of bilingual professionals deliver consistently outstanding results for our clients, and for this reason they have our list of top recommended facial liposuction clinics in Mexico.

Facial Liposuction Before and After Photos:

Combining affordability with results that meet and often exceed Western clients’ expectations for quality and appearance, the facial liposuction clinics Mexico offers to clients looking to save big while guaranteeing satisfactory results are an unsurpassed option for North Americans and other Westerners looking for a viable alternative to their hometown clinics!

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