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Breast Implants Review: Mexico Has the Best Cosmetic Surgery Facilities You Can Find

Mexico is one of the best countries in the world for getting breast implants, yet many people have inhibitions about going there. There are still some widespread misconceptions that is keeping women in America (and other countries as well) from accessing safe and affordable cosmetic surgery across the border. In this article, we bust five of the most common myths about going to Mexico for breast implant. Review Mexico and you will see what the reality is.

#5 “Lack of Specialists”


Many claim that there are no or few qualified specialists in Mexico trained for surgical procedures such as breast augmentation or breast reduction. The truth is that Mexico has some of the best specialists in the world, especially when it comes to surgeries of the breast. In fact, Mexico is the top fourth country performing breast augmentations according to the latest statistics of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). And this is due to the sheer number and skill of breast implants surgeons practicing in Mexico.

#4 “Language Barrier”

Lack of English-speaking surgeons, the myth goes, can be a communication disaster for the medical tourists. The truth is that not only is English spoken commonly in Mexico, there are numerous healthcare professionals working there who are fluent in the language. In addition, there are translators available in most healthcare facilities to ensure maximum clarity.

#3 “Incidence of Malpractice”

This is one of the most serious misapprehensions regarding breast implants clinics in Mexico. Sure, there are instances of malpractice, just like any place in the world. But these are exceptions. Otherwise how can you can explain the voluminous demand for cosmetic surgery in Mexico? Also, clinics in Mexico show their breast implants before and after pictures online so people can judge their work on its own merit. If you stick to clinics recommended by a reliable breast implants review website like Medical Departures, you’ll be fine.

Some of the best clinics in Mexico are:

#2 “Lower Hygiene than in the US”

Again, this is simply not true. Many hospitals in Mexico have been accredited internationally for cleanliness and sanitation. Yes, you will not find cosmetic surgery facilities in Mexico to be as high-end and luxurious as American clinics, but there is no difference as far as hygiene practices are concerned. Maybe the no-frills Mexican clinics are designed in this way so that the maximum focus is on the procedure itself.

#1 “Low Healthcare Standards”

Perhaps the most popular myth is that healthcare standards are inferior in Mexico as compared to the US. But this is simply not true. Cosmetic surgeons and healthcare professionals in Mexico are highly qualified and experienced.

Perhaps this myth stems from the fact that the breast implants cost in Mexico is much lower – just USD $4,300 in Mexico against USD $11,500 in the US. But guess what, you are getting the same quality of implants at lower prices just by crossing the border! The main reason for lower cost is the lower operating costs in Mexico.

So if you’re considering a breast implant, review Mexico and its medical tourism industry to make the best decision. Don’t keep any of these myths from enjoying the low-cost, high-quality breast implant procedures that Mexico offers.

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