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The Best Thread Lift Cost Bangkok Can Offer

A facelift is among the most popular cosmetic procedures people undergo. As the name indicates, the purpose of this procedure is to ‘lift’ the face, i.e. removing any sagging around the neck, jawline, and cheeks. There is an non-surgical alternative to the conventional method of facelift: thread facelift, or simply thread lift. This procedure is less invasive and safer but without compromising on the quality of the results and is an effective anti-aging and anti- wrinkle treatment. Bangkok offers a number of clinics offering the procedure. You just need to make an informed decision about travelling there to undergo this procedure.

Right off the bat, you can rest assured that the cost of thread lift in Bangkok is considerably than in Australia and New Zealand. On average, the

  • Cost of Facelift in Australia: AUD $24,400

  • Cost of Facelift in New Zealand: NZD $26,200

  • Cost of Facelift in Bangkok: AUD $6200 and NZD $6700

Keep in mind, these are the average prices and might vary from clinic to clinic. But it’s clear you will be saving a lot of money. In any case, you should read reviews and do some research about the thread lift cost in Bangkok at the facility you select before you make a final decision.


Does Low Cost Mean Compromising on Safety?

There is no doubt that a major reason for the popularity of medical tourism to Bangkok is the low cost of medical and cosmetic procedures here. However, some people in Australia and New Zealand are apprehensive about travelling to the heart of Asia to go under the knife. For one, they are a little unsure about the safety and reliability of the procedures, particularly because of the low cost. Often, low cost is perceived as a reflection of the level of quality on offer.

However, you can put this fear to bed because the quality of thread facelift offered in Bangkok is at par with the best of the world. The surgeons working here are highly experienced and qualified. In fact, a few of them have received their training and education from the US and Europe. Plus, the facilities here are equipped with the latest technology in cosmetic procedures, ensuring you receive a safe, healthy, and long-lasting thread facelift.

Not to forget that the facilities in Bangkok rely on people flying from overseas to receive a thread facelift. This is why they maintain high standards of reliability and quality despite the low cost of thread lift in Bangkok. If you do some research, you can select the right facility and therefore, get the best value for your money.

Other Costs to Consider

In addition to the thread lift clinics cost, you need to budget for travel and other expenses you will incur during your stay in Bangkok. This includes the cost of food and accommodation. Plus, if you want to enjoy a holiday while you are recovering from the thread facelift, you will have to take that cost into account as well.

The amazing thread lift cost Bangkok offers you will actually be less than having the procedure back home, even after factoring in all the other costs discussed above, and book with Medical Departures to guarantee the best price available.