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Looking to get your breast implants done in Thailand? You’ve chosen the right destination! In Phuket, breast implant and plastic surgery clinics are diversified, and each clinic offers a wide variety of services to cater for the needs of each particular patient.

Suitable Prices

The average cost for a breast implant procedure in the USA is AUD 15,500 (NZD 16,770). In Australia, the average is AUD 22,340 (NZD 24,000). However, having a breast implant in Phuket would guarantee that you save at least 50% of that cost (average price in Phuket is AUD 6,700 (NZD 7,200). Moreover, according to the clinic that you choose, you can get prices as low as AUD 3,800 (NZD 4,100). It all depends on your preferences, and even within the high margins, you still make considerable savings compared to doing the procedure in other countries.

Suitable Packages

Medical Departures will always ensure that you get top notch medical care at the most affordable prices. This involves working with experienced plastic surgeons to ensure the best results, while ensuring that the maximum benefits are included in your care package. In Phuket, breast implant packages are very comprehensive.They provides a good value for money and are one of the (many) reasons why Thailand remains on the top as medical tourism destination. For instance, in Phuket, plastic-surgery experts would provide a thorough consultation, medical tests and imaging and one-one-one doctor-patient care.. All this is done in a state-of-the-art facility and with a team that is perfectly experienced in dealing with culturally diverse patients.


Suitable Clinics

In Phuket - international breast implants destination - there is a wide variety of hospitals and clinics offering plastic surgery services. Phuket clinics and hospitals are tailored to suit any patient with respect to the patient’s background, culture, preferences and budget. You can pick a facility according to a specific surgeon, the facility’s location with regard to a specific attraction or even according to your budget, and the price range you’re willing to work within.

Medical Departures also offers a wide array of information on each clinic, such as the opening hours, the procedures provided and the surgical operations they specialize in. You can compare prices at multiple clinics and you can even decide to get a quote online, for a better idea of what doing a breast implant in Phuket, in a specific clinic, would cost. Don’t forget that Medical Departures always offers the best prices available with our price guarantee.

Tailored Care

Prior to your procedure, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with your physician in details, about the processes and steps that will be taken intra-operatively. We encourage communication with your doctor to raise any concerns you may have, and to give your provider the opportunity to address your concerns and reassure you. You might be concerned about recovery time or getting back to your activities as soon as possible, and for all those who get their breast implant in Thailand, recovery time is usually within 1-2 days for minimal activity and around 6 weeks for return to strenuous physical activity.

In Phuket, breast implants procedures are safe, effective and the packages offered are a great value for money, compared to other countries. Moreso, each patient receives personalized care and has the opportunity to select his clinic of choice from a wide pool of options. Discover more about plastic surgery in Thailand ’s number one holiday spot with Medical Departures.

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