Recommended Clinics for a Facelift, Penang, Malaysia


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The entire consumerism world we currently see on the internet is largely based on reviews and recommendations. Even finding the best cosmetic treatment solutions online heavily depends on quality testimonials from former patients. We have created one of the best portals in the world for finding a low-cost facelift and other cosmetic treatments outside of the Western World. If you are looking for cheap and highly-recommended clinics for a facelift, Penang, Malaysia, is somewhere you can’t afford to overlook.

Are our Recommendations Trustworthy?

At Medical Departures, we have created an entire website that lists all the best options from around the world for your medical and cosmetic treatments. Our recommendations are so trustworthy because we only list facilities that offer high-end treatments for international customers in many different places, but especially in SE-Asia. When you are looking for an affordable option for a facelift, Penang, Malaysia is a great option.

The best part about our listings is that we provide a platform for a facelift review to be filled in by former guests and patients of said treatment center, whom give their honest opinions so you get a true and authentic feel for the center. Each listing also has facelift before and after photos so you can see the quality of treatments at first hand. Our recommendations are so trustworthy because they come from former patients.

Facelift Clinic in Penang

When you take your time to research our review pages for facelift clinics and facelift surgeons, you will find that these 5 clinics are always at the top of the list: Leh Clinic, Ido's Clinic, Amandrey Clinic , Union Rejuvenation and Klinik Loh surgery . These clinics offer world-class treatments for a price you can afford, which makes them very popular with international clients from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and even America.


Penang is an island in Malaysia and is home to quite a few Western expats, offering solid infrastructure and lots of international-style amenities. One of the main languages of Malaysia is English, and yet another reason why so many international customers visit here.

Malaysian Facelift Cost

The facelift cost in Malaysia is approximately 80% cheaper than in America, Europe and Australia, making Penang such a great option for facelift treatments. Many Aussies and Kiwis visit Malaysia as a normal holiday destination, so coming here for your medical treatments just makes sense.

The facelift prices on average in Malaysia are approximately US $5000 (CAN $6,500; UK £3,800; Euro €4,400; Aus $6,600; NZ $6,900), compared to the prices in the US $18,000 (CAN $23,000; UK £13,900; Euro €15,800; Aus $26,000; NZ $24,000).

When you are looking for the most affordable places in the world for a facelift, Penang in Malaysia has prices that are approximately 80% cheaper than in the Western World. This is why SE-Asia is now leading the way for medical tourism vacations. Just remember that our recommended clinics are not only by us, but also the mass of Western clients that visit these clinics each year.