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Mexico is one of the most visited getaways because of the beautiful waters surrounding its coastal area, particularly in Playa del Carmen. The town is a famous coastal resort along the strip of the Caribbean shoreline. However, Playa del Carmen is also a wondrous place to start your battle against aging. Situated in the wonderful town, international patients can find Clinica Ambar. Prices charged by Clinica Ambar are among the cheapest around. Making this an even better deal is the current No Worries Warranty offered by the clinic.

Clinica Ambar is located in one of the most beautiful places in Mexico. The clinic offers reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery to local and international patients.

The clinic is headed by Dr. Carlos Ochoa Edgar Villalobos. Dr. Villalobos got his medical degree in general surgery at the Hospital Central Militar Mexico. He is one of the most renowned aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons in Mexico. Dr. Villalobos and Clinica Ambar can help you remove unwanted fat that is resistant to any kind of diet, crow’s feet and wrinkles. The clinic guarantees that you’ll be able to achieve your desired goal with their cosmetic procedures.

Meet the experts on beauty and enhancements in Clinica Ambar. Plastic surgery is just one of the many services they offer in the clinic that can help you enhance any feature that you have always wanted. When one of the problem areas is your arms then worry no more. Arm lift surgery is also available in Clinica Ambar. They can help you get rid of that unwanted fat or sagging skin on your arms for a firmer look.

Here at Medical Departures we completely understand why patients may have second thoughts about trying to schedule a cosmetic procedure in another country. We highly recommend reading some Clinica Ambar reviews. Reviews are one of the best ways for potential patients to gauge how reliable the services are in a particular clinic based on what other patients report. Experiences vary from patient to patient so it is good to have something to base your decisions with.

Need more convincing evidence before going to Clinica Ambar? Before and after photos are readily available in order for potential patients to see the dramatic changes that have been achieved on other patients at the clinic. Before and after images can inspire patients to be more confident about the possible outcome of the procedure.

One of the powerful driving factors in scheduling a treatment is the price. The Clinica Ambar price table prepared by us at Medical Departures shows how much an arm lift can lift cost in the clinic compared to other clinics:







$ 9,700.00

$ 8,540.00

$ 6,800.00


$ 2,898.00

$ 2,888.00

$ 2,300.00

Clinica Ambar













Do not be afraid to try out the fabulous cosmetic procedures offered by the popular and well-known Clinica Ambar. Prices at this top Mexican facility will make you wonder why you waited so long to get your youthful appearance back.