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Are you looking for fresher and younger looking skin? Thanks to the affordable chemical peel cost, Thailand should make it to your shortlist of medical tourism destination. You can go to one of the many popular tourist destinations for a holiday and combine it with this cosmetic treatment, all at a reasonable price. Thailand has cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai or beach places like Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui among others for you to choose from. With a warm climate, many tourist attractions, great food and shopping, Thailand is already a favorite with holiday makers.

How does a chemical peel rejuvenate your skin?

A chemical peel is put on the skin and either peels away a layer of skin or helps exfoliate it. Usually medium and deep peels penetrate deeper into the skin and superficial peels only work by removing dirt and debris from the upper layers of the skin. After medium and deep peels, your skin rejuvenates and the new skin is smoother, fine lines may disappear and your skin will be more even toned. A peel also helps reduce or remove age spots and sun damage.

You can have a deep peel only in a hospital setting as it is done using anesthesia and is akin to a surgery in that regard. You will have bandages after the procedure and need significant downtime as the skin will take longer to heal as well. When you see chemical peel before and after pictures, Thailand will be a popular destination for this and other cosmetic procedures thanks to the affordability factor.


Which is the recommended chemical peel clinic in Thailand?

Whether you want a mild peel or a strong one, it is best to go a top cosmetic clinic that has qualified doctors on board. The doctor has to take a call on the quality of your skin and which kind of peel with give you the best results as there are different acids that can be used for the peel and there are many other factors that go into making this treatment a success.

Beaute Equilibree Medical Spa and BEQ Clinic is a leading clinic located in Bangkok. It offers various skin treatments, anti-aging therapies, nutritional support and guidance, acupressure and a wide range of non invasive and minimally invasive procedures to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. It is an MD verified clinic as well, so you are safer going there for your cosmetic procedure.

What is the chemical peel cost in Thailand?

Chemical peel cost at this clinic starts at AUD23 (NZD 24, 16, £13, USD 17, CAD 23) which is cheap when compared to AUD 970 (NZD1,041, €682, £572, USD 732; CAD 988) you may pay in a developed western country. The cost of the peel will vary and depend on the strength of the peel used as well.

With such a price difference and affordable chemical peel cost, Thailand becomes an even more attractive medical tourism destination. So confirm your appointment through Medical Departures for your cosmetic treatment in Thailand.

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