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Shopping for Round Breast Implants: Mexico is a Great Spot

If you are looking for breast implants, consider shopping in Mexico. Just by crossing the border, you can enjoy a medical vacation and achieve the perfect breasts for prices much lower than in the US. In the following paragraphs, we discuss what entails surgery for round breast implants in Mexico.

Round implants are the most common implants used by women undergoing breast augmentation in the US. In fact, they are suitable to meet the expectations of most women who want to enhance their breasts. Using round implants, women can get breasts that are softer and more well-proportioned. Regardless of your breast volume or body type, you can choose from a wide range of implants with varying diameters and degrees of projection.

With round implants, you can go for a softer, smoother shell, and the benefit is that smooth shell is generally less likely to be felt than a textured shell. Other benefits include:

  •  Smooth shells don’t cause extensive implant ripples
  • There is lesser visible implant rippling
  •  Round implants tend to be more fluid than teardrop implants

All-in-all, round implants appear natural and tend to offer a natural movement and position like natural breasts.

These are several clinics offering round breast implants in Mexico, such as Marroquin and Sandoval - Los Cabos and Juan Gordillo . Top-notch clinics such as these are located in all major areas of Mexico, making it highly convenient for American as well as Canadian medical tourists to access affordable cosmetic procedures. But how affordable are round breast implants in Mexico?

The average cost of breast implants in the US and Canada is US $11500 and CAD $14500 respectively, but the average prices in Mexico are only US $4300 and CAD $5400. So, you are saving 64% on implant costs, just by crossing the border. This is a great bargain for women looking to enhance their breasts with round implants. This is all the more true considering cosmetic enhancements are usually not covered by insurance. But in Mexico you have the opportunity to achieve your desired breast shape without depleting your savings.

Selecting breast implants can be complicated, that is why you need detailed consultation with a surgeon, who will look at both your expectations as well as your physical condition before surgery. And since selecting implants is a critical first step, you will need a surgeon that spends an adequate amount of time to help you make the best choice.

At the clinics mentioned above, the surgeons are well-qualified and experienced will all types of implants for breast enhancement. The best part is, you don’t need to speak Spanish for consultation with surgeons in Mexico. Due to the volume of medical tourists that enter Mexico every year, medical professionals speak fluent English for clear communication with their patients.

All these things make shopping for a round breast implant in Mexico an attractive idea. You can contact the clinics referred to in this article, or speak to our Customer Care Team, to learn more about the cost, procedure, and risk factors associated with breast implant surgery.


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