Should You Consider Bali for Cosmetic Surgery Holidays?


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Bali Cosmetic Surgery Holidays Are Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

The global medical tourism scene is dominated by Asian countries, and Indonesia has also emerged a major destination in the last decade or so. However, many people are still wondering whether Bali cosmetic surgery holidays are worth it or not. In this article, we discuss the top reasons why people choose Bali for medical tourism, especially for cosmetic surgery.

Medical Tourism in Bali is Rapidly Expanding

Since the 1990s, Asia has been on the forefront of providing world-class medical care at costs so low that the average American cannot even imagine. Some of the strongest players in the game are Singapore and Thailand, but Bali, Indonesia has made a place for itself in this global industry. Bali’s medical tourism scene particularly became prominent when The Bali International Medical Center (BIMC) opened a facility in Nusa Dua.


BIMC Bali was the first of its kind hospital in Indonesia and it specifically targeted overseas patients, and it is even managed by international medical teams along with local doctors and nurses. And while BIMC Bali offers various medical services, it is their cosmetic procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) that foreign patients are especially interested in, especially Australians.

Bali medical holiday packages also attract overseas patients. Not to mention, these international clinics in Bali are built more like resorts than hospitals to provide the best experience for medical tourists. They also pay attention to patients’ privacy.

Bali is Safe For Medical Tourists

This is not to say that other countries in Asia are dangerous. However, if you have to make a comparison, then Bali fares better than most medical tourism destinations, even those outside Asia (like Mexico or Brazil). Moreover, Bali is already a popular tourist destination. Reports from last year show that as a whole, Bali has experienced rapid growth in tourist activity with as a many 4 million visitors in 2015. The bottom line is that millions of people have visited Bali and continue to do so, which is evidence of its safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Bali Hospitals Offer High Quality Cosmetic Procedures

Despite their low costs, hospitals in Bali offer you excellent cosmetic procedures, even surgery. This is because Bali is a relatively new entrant in the medical tourism scene of Asia; it is constantly expanding its medical and healthcare infrastructure every year. This includes improving patient satisfaction and quality care by employing and training the best service staff.

Bali hospitals are also increasing prioritizing accreditation, both internal and international. On a wider scale, medical schools and training institutions are also being built throughout Asia to cater to foreign patients who are expected to increase in the coming years. So any inhibitions of westerners regarding the safety and quality of Bali medical tourism are increasingly being eliminated.

So there are great reasons why you should give Bali cosmetic surgery holidays a try, especially you are looking for quality skin care at the most affordable rates.

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