The advantages of chin augmentation in Cancun


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For chin augmentation, Cancun is a favored destination. Mexico attracts large numbers of medical tourists from its neighboring countries like the U.S. and Canada, though it sees people from all over the globe. Medical tourists go to Mexico for medical care and treatment lured by the low prices and the high quality of care available.

Improve your facial contours

A receding chin can mar your facial contours and also make you appear weak. A strong chin gives you confidence and adds balance to your facial features as well. So chin augmentation helps you physically and can also give you increased confidence.

Called mentoplasty, chin augmentation is usually done by the use of implants. These can be shaped if required and inserted into the chin via an incision either below the chin or inside the mouth, in both cases not being visible. The implants are attached to the bone by stitches. Chin augmentation can also be performed using dermal fillers for a quick fix. If you want, you can combine chin augmentation in Cancun along with other cosmetic procedures as well, whether anti-ageing treatments or minimally invasive lip and nose jobs to enhance your face even further.


What do chin augmentation reviews say?

Most people – both men and women – are thrilled with the results as it gives them better facial contours and improves the appearance. A strong chin will also help you feel more confident. One patient said,

The entire experience was fantastic! I love my results and have had no problems”.

Another satisfied patient said,

This procedure has made me more confident and comfortable with my appearance.”

If you are unhappy with the way your chin looks, you should consider chin augmentation in Cancun.

What is a good chin augmentation clinic in Cancun?

While there are many clinics and doctors that perform chin augmentation in Cancun, Dr. Victor Burgos is a highly qualified plastic surgeon who is a member of the Association of Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Quintana Roo and the Mexican Association of Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMCPER).

He practices in Cancun from the Hospiten Cancun that is part of the large chain of hospitals with branches in different parts of Mexico, Spain, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. It is a highly advanced and modern facility and you get great quality of care at the hospital.

Chin augmentation cost

Chin augmentation can cost an average of US$6,855 (AU$9,008, NZD9.414, £5,318, €6.012, CAD8,824) in your country of residence and that is quite expensive. In Cancun, with Dr. Victor Burgos you can pay between US$1,781 and US$2,137 (AU$2,340 to AU$2,808, NZD2,446 to NZD2,934, £1,381 to £1,657, €1,562 to €1,874, CAD2,292 to CAD2,750).

Even when you add the cost of travel and stay and other added expenses, you still save a great deal of money, so it is worth it to go for chin augmentation to Cancun.

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