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Tijuana has always been known for as a great destination for summer fun, beaches and nightlife, in the setting of an enticing Mexican culture. Located at the border with the USA just south of California, the city attracts a great deal of visitors every year, from the USA, from Mexico and also from around the world. But did you know that while spending your summer or holidays in Tijuana, you can also get excellent and affordable cosmetic surgery? Yes, it is possible by working with one of the top rated cosmetic surgeons in Tijuana : Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel. Review what follows here to find out how you can get the plastic surgery experience in Tijuana!

Save Big While Getting your Cosmetic Surgery

Regardless of the procedure that you get with Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel, price is much more affordable and way cheaper than when you compare with USA and Canadian prices.

For instance, for breast augmentation, whilst you’ll pay in the USA USD 10,502 (CAD 14,175; EUR 9,792; GBP 8,200;AUD 13,921; NZD 14,935) for breast lift and breast augmentation (combined) you’ll only pay USD 3,200 (CAD 4,319; EUR 2,784; GBP 2,499; AUD 4,242; NZD 4,551) in Tijuana.

The same applies to eyelid surgery. With Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel, price for eyelid surgery starts at USD 1,400 (CAD 1,890; EUR 1,305; GBP 1,093; AUD 1,856; NZD 1,991) vs USD 6,318 (CAD 8,528; EUR 5,891; GBP 4,933; AUD 8,375; NZD 8,985) in the USA and Canada.

Picking Tijuana as your Destination

Tijuana is already known as a great tourist destination, especially during the summer. The vibrant border city offers a variety of attractions for everyone. The principal street downtown, Avenida Revolucion, is lined up with local shops, bars and restaurants to give you a taste of the true life of locals. Whether you walk around during the day or at nighttime, you’ll enjoy the constant buzz of this famous avenue. The Tijuana Cultural Center is a great place to discover local art, history and culture. If you want to witness a bullfight while there, head to the Playas de Tijuana! The Morelos Park would be a great idea for those who love animals and nature.

You will no longer have to spend tons of money or empty out all your savings for your tummy tuck, facelift, boob job or liposuction. Now, with Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel, reviews have indicated that you can save more than 50% on your cosmetic surgery and still receive the same excellent top-notch care.

Check out our listings for further information on Dr Ricardo Vega Montiel, including before and after pictures to give you an idea of the kind of results you can expect. Contact our team today to find how you too, can benefit from these great savings on cosmetic surgery!


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