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A Review of the Top 2 Butt Lift Hospitals Penang, Malaysia has to Offer

Penang, Malaysia is a popular holiday destination. Among other attractions, Penang is known for its multiculturalism and it’s a hybrid of modernity and tradition. It is also a great place for cosmetic surgery, especially butt lift. In the following paragraphs, we list the top 2 butt lift hospitals in Penang and also talk about the price of getting this procedure done in Malaysia.

Cost of Butt Lift in Penang: Lower than You Can Imagine

With its low average butt lift price, Penang is one of the most affordable destinations for medical tourists seeking cosmetic surgery. The average cost of butt lift in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $19,000 and NZD $20800. However, you can get the same procedure in Penang at an average cost of AUD $4623 and NZD $5070, which saves you 73% of your surgery costs.

Remember that butt lift is not covered by insurance. Hence, it makes great financial sense to undergo this procedure in Malaysia instead of in your home country. The following are the best clinics for getting butt lift in Penang.

Leh Clinic

Along with butt lift surgery, this clinic offers various procedures to enhance your face, skin, and body. Surgeons at this clinic are known for using minimally-invasive techniques to achieve the best results for their patients with little downtime. Non-invasive treatments include Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels and radiofrequency treatment.

The clinic runs under the supervision of Dr. Louis Leh . Dr. Leh completed his medical degree in India and then moved to the UK for post-graduation. He is also the former president of the Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

With 31 years in the field, Dr. Leh is one of the foremost cosmetic surgeons in the country who leads a team of high-qualified and experienced medical professionals that are devoted to developing patients’ aesthetics via cosmetic treatments. During consultation, your surgeon will discuss surgery goals with you before devising a personalized treatment plan to achieve ideal outcomes.

Amandrey Clinic

If you want to undergo butt lift in a tranquil spa environment, Amandrey Medispa is the place to be. Located in Tanjung Bungah, this clinic offers a host of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The defining feature of this clinic is that it provides a calm atmosphere so that patients can feel inner rejuvenation as they are operated on the outside. This clinic has the first BTL Aesthetic Medical Hydrotherapy facilities in South East Asia, and this shows the quality of treatment you can expect at this clinic.

The medical team at this clinic works under the supervision of Dr. Lau Hee Sim, who holds an MSc. in aesthetic medicine from the USCI University in Malaysia as well as an MBBS from the University of Punjab in Pakistan. He also has a diploma in dermatology from Cardiff University, Wales.

So, if you happen to be in Penang, these are the top 2 butt lift hospitals. Penang is also a great tourist spot, so be sure to explore it before or after your surgery.


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