Top 3 Lip Enhancement Hospitals South Korea


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In this Article, We Talk About the Top 3 Lip Enhancement Hospitals South Korea has to offer

Do you want bigger lips without spending a fortune? Travel to South Korea! Thousands of people have successfully enhanced their lips in South Korea on vacation. This is known as medical tourism, and it has already changed the way people see healthcare. In the following paragraphs, we list the top 3 lip enhancement hospitals in South Korea and also discuss the cost of getting this procedure in this country.

Lip Enhancement Price – South Korea

The average cost of lip enhancement in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $3800 and NZD $4200, whereas in South Korea it is AUD $2600 and NZD $2900. This saves 21% of your cost as compared to prices in your country.

Lip Enhancement Hospitals in South Korea

Without further ado, here are the top hospitals for lip enhancement in this country:

Romian Plastic Surgery

Located in the heart of Gangnam City, Seoul, Romian is one of the finest clinics for lip enhancement in South Korea. This clinic is headed by Dr. Sungmo Jung and Dr. Minbum Kang. These are board-certified plastic surgeons who have also been trained in the United States. Both these surgeons are also part of organizations like the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and the International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (IPRS).

The Gold Plastic Surgery

This clinic has been offering cutting cosmetic procedures in Seoul for a long time. This is your one-stop-shop. Pre-op assessment, surgery, post-op recovery, this clinic has you covered. The clinic has the latest facilities, which is maintained through hygiene and safety protocols.

Deesee Plastic Surgery

‘Deesee’ in French means ‘goddess’, which gives you a clue to the clinic’s philosophy on beauty. The surgeons at this clinic are not only specialists in plastic surgery, but they also have expertise in sub-specialties such as cleft palate and microsurgery.

Medical Tourism in South Korea

Apart from the discount, a major benefit of getting your lips enhanced in South Korea instead of your country is that you can combine your procedure with a memorable vacation in this beautiful country. You can experience South Korea’s fascinating culture and visit numerous tourist attractions across the country.

The medical infrastructure in South Korea is also quite impressive. The Health Ministry tightly monitors the quality and performance of private and public hospitals. This in turn, ensures the safety and reliability of healthcare.

Finally, remember that only a specialist can determine whether you are a candidate for lip enhancement or not. S/he will also see whether or not you are physically fit for undergoing surgery by running physical examinations. You should ask as many questions as you like from the consulting doctor. You should be absolutely sure of what you are getting into before going under the knife in a foreign country.

This was a brief overview of the top 3 lip enhancement hospitals South Korea can boast of. Schedule your appointment right away.