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Picking the right plastic surgery clinic is essential to meeting your body image goals. However, finding the right one can be daunting because there are so many to choose from. Today, I hope to make that process easier on you by discussing one of the top Bali breast reduction clinics on the island.

1. Breast Reduction in Bali

The following is a review of getting a breast reduction in Bali. One of the biggest advantages of getting a breast reduction in Bali is the low cost, which can be up to 70% less expensive than in Australia, the United States, or Europe.

Aside from the big savings, another advantage of Bali for breast reductions is the top quality medical facilities. For instance, BIMC Hospital Nusa is a fully accredited by Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International.

BIMC Hospital Nusa’s top priority is patient safety, which means that they use international standards for hygiene and safety protocols. In fact, an Australian nurse gave BIMC Hospital Nusa a review of the service that they provided to her twenty-month-old daughter that got sick while they were on vacation in Bali.

In her review, this nurse specifically said, “definitely at Australian standard of care. Infection control was fantastic!” Another patient review of BIMC Hospital Nusa focused the overall quality of her experience. She raves “if you are looking for five star medical services…BIMC Hospital Nusa” is the place for you. She notes that the staff and doctors are “very attentive and professional, clean and up-to-the minute technology.”

Finally, one more patient reviewer was so impressed with BIMC Hospital Nusa she said “I'd rate this hospital better than many I've seen in Australia.” A Statement like that from Australian getting medical services in Bali really shows what a hospital BIMC is.


2. Cost of Breast Reduction in Bali

Getting a breast reduction in Bali is substantially cheaper than getting it in Australia, the United States, or Europe. A breast reduction in Australia can easily cost over AUD $14,000, while at BIMC Hospital Nusa a breast reduction only costs THB 177,669, which is AUD $6,938.

3. Top Breast Reduction Clinic in Bali

BIMC Hospital Nusa offers a full range of invasive and non-invasive plastic surgery procedures. In addition, BIMC Hospital Nusa is the only medical facility on Bali that has received the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International, which makes the easily the top-rated medical facility in Bali. Moreover, the hospital was custom built with medical tourists in mind. Furthermore, BIMC Hospital Nusa has been providing medical care on Bali for almost 20 years, which makes it one of the longest serving international standard medical care on the island.

BIMC continues to add top plastic surgeons that are often recruited from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Also, as more and more international expatriates and medical tourists have come to BIMC for treatments, including breast reduction, BIMC has added top-notch amenities. For instance, BIMC Hospital Nusa has added a spa facility so that patients can be pampered while they stay at the hospital.

All of these factors come together to make BIMC Hospital Nusa a top choice for plastic surgery in Bali. If you want to know more about this, or other Bali breast reduction clinics get in touch with our Customer Care Team.

Andrea Hernandez

Andrea Hernandez has a bachelor´s degree in nutrition, and two international certifications in anthropometry. She enjoys to travel the world and currently writes for Medical and Dental Departures.
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Bali is an island province of Indonesia, located at the westernmost point of the Lesser Sunda Islands.
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