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However, the cost of facial treatments in Australia and New Zealand is high. You might have to pay through the nose for any procedure you opt for. Hence, your best option is to search overseas for a clinic that offers affordable facial treatments. Vietura Bali, located in Bali, Indonesia, offers a range of treatments at low prices.

Low-Cost Facial Treatments in Bali

You can select from a wide range of treatments that the clinic offers. Vietura Bali is among the most reputable and established clinics in Bali, having been in operation for a number of years now. Among the variety of treatments, you can find there arefillers and Botox. In fact, both these procedures are priced lower than the cost you have to bear in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, at Vietura, treatment costx, regardless of the procedure, is low.

Check Out the Clinic on Medical Departures

Medical Departures offers you a detailed overview of the treatments you can find at Vietura. Review the list and you can select multiple treatments, because the overall cost will be lower than the cost of a single procedure Down Under. At Vietura, cost of facial treatment is AUD $47 (NZD $51), while for filler, you have to spend AUD $415 (NZD $453).


Read Online Reviews

You can easily find reviews from past patients for different procedures at Vietura. Before and after images are available as well. This gives you a clear idea of the quality of the treatments on offer. At Vietura, before and after images allow you to make an informed decision. Therefore, you can do an in-depth research about Vietura. Review the feedback from the patients and compare it with the images. This way, you will have complete peace of mind when booking an appointment and boarding the plane to Bali.

Have a Short Vacation

Bali is among the top tourist destinations in not just Asia but the world. The weather is great around the year, which is the major reason why people from across the world travel there on an annual basis. Moreover, the island attracts a large number of medical tourists as well and has the infrastructure and facilities you would expect from a top medical tourism destination.

So, if you are looking for affordable facial treatments, you should consider travelling to Bali. You can save considerable money without compromising on the quality of the treatments that you are opting for. Plus, with Vietura Bali now established as a great option, you don’t have to browse through multiple clinics.

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