What is the Cost for Breast Implants in Bali?


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Affordable Bali Breast Implant Cost Comes as a Sigh of Relief to Women All Over the World

Women choose to enlarge their breasts for a variety of reasons. The underlying factor is their personal sense of happiness and comfort. But at what price? Thanks to medical tourism, women from any part of the world can travel to a place like Bali, Indonesia for breast implants at a world-class medical facility. Continue reading to learn more about Bali breast implant costs.

Breast Implant Surgery is Significantly Cheaper in Bali

Medical tourism exists because there is abundance of quality hospitals in Asia offering all kinds of medical services, especially dental work and cosmetic surgery. The availability of cheap breast implants in Bali has also given a boost to Indonesia’s tourism scene. If hospitals in this region continue to offer this combination of affordability, quality care and serenity, this industry will continue to expand rapidly in the coming years as well.

In Australia, the surgeon’s fee alone can run over AUD 7000. When you add other costs, a breast implant procedure will cost you anywhere between AUD 10000 and AUD 16000.

This is in sharp contrast to the very reasonable rates for plastic surgery in Bali. At a first-rate Bali hospital such as BIMC, the breast augmentation will cost you between AUD 5000 and USD 6600. Breast reconstruction will range from AUD 4856 to AUD 7960.


So when you do a review of breast implants in Bali, you will find that even at a top-rated hospital like BIMC Nusa Dua, you can save up to 60% of breast implants in comparison to Australian and New Zealand hospitals. We are talking about cost savings of almost AUD 7000, with the cost of travel included.

Insurance is not an Issue

Many people think that since they are getting cheap breast implants in Bali, their procedure will not be covered by their insurance provider. Thankfully, this is just a misconception. Think about it – wouldn’t your insurance provider be actually happier than you are going the cheaper route? They definitely will. Your insurance company will gladly cover your medical tourism trip instead of paying sky-high rates in their own country. In fact the top-most clinics for plastic surgery in Bali are on the panel of major insurance providers in the U.S.

If coverage is available, then this will reduce your expenses even further. But even if you have to pay out-of-pocket, you are still saving thousands of dollars. So make the most of your vacation in Bali, and get first-class seats, at least on your return flight. Doctors actually recommend that you travel as comfortably as possible after surgery.

The Value of Breast Implants

Finally, remember that no amount of money can measure the impact of a successful implant on a woman’s life. Breast implants in BIMC are not just sought by women who want a larger breast size. Breast augmentation has far-reaching effects. Some women also undergo surgery to return to their natural size after giving birth, experiencing weight loss etc.

In any case, breast augmentation helps women to resolve their body-image issues and boosts their self-confidence. In a society that to some extent judges you by your appearance, breast enlargement surgery is a long-term solution for women who want to feel comfortable in their body and attire. The benefits of such a procedure are priceless, but Bali breast implant cost is low so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this procedure. Find out more and get in touch with Medical Departures’ Customer Care Team, or ask for a free quote.

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