What is the Most Popular Breast Augmentation Indonesia Clinic?


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Indonesia is making a real name for itself in the medical tourism industry for having a great choice of world-class clinics that offer prices that are staggeringly cheap when compared to Australia and New Zealand. Why is Indonesia currently one of the most popular places for medical tourism? And what is the most popular clinic for breast augmentation Indonesia has to offer?

Why Choose Indonesia for Cosmetic Treatments?


When we think of Indonesia, medical tourism and cosmetic surgery clinics do not initially spring to mind. However, the nation is leading the way in SE-Asia for all manner of medical and cosmetic treatments such as breast augmentation. Indonesia has an all-year-round temperate climate and amazing and diverse destinations such as the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, compared to the laidback tranquility of Bali.

Tens of thousands of Australians and New Zealanders already visit Indonesia for their holidays, especially Bali, each year to explore its tropical brilliance and ancient culture. These same tourists are also travelling back to their home countries with stories about low-cost breast augmentation clinic choices, and the cheap prices for breast augmentation. Indonesia now has one of the most exciting and thriving medical tourism scenes in the world.


The Most Popular Breast Augmentation clinic is…?


The Medical Departures website is like a Bible of information regarding the most affordable cosmetic and medical treatment centers around the world that offer a viable alternative to the expensive prices we see back home. We use lots of breast augmentation review pages from former clients to find out which clinic is the best.

After listening to what former patients had to say and studying breast augmentation before and after photos from each clinic, the highest ranked cosmetic facility for breast augmentation in Indonesia is the prestigious BIMC Hospital Nusa in Bali. This popular treatment center is the ultimate international hospital and has some of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in Malaysia.

With a location right in the heart of Indonesia’s most prime holiday destination, this is the easily the most popular medical and cosmetic treatments center for international patients from across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. When you want to be in the hands of the best, you simply cannot replace BIMC.

Breast Augmentation Cost


The BIMC is easily the best clinic in Indonesia for breast augmentation treatments. Did you know that Indonesia is approximately 65% cheaper than the Western World for breast augmentation cost? Here is an example of the prices in Indonesia: US $ 3,700 (CAN $4,615; UK £2,842; Euro €3,194; Aus $4,643; NZ $4,921), compared to the prices in the US $ 11,500 (CAN $14,363; UK £8,721; Euro €9,806; Aus $16,500; NZ $17,411).

When you need to find the cheapest clinics in the world for breast augmentation, Indonesia is pretty much unbeatable. This amazing country is already a fascinating place to visit, but now you can get the cheapest yet highest quality cosmetic treatments imaginable, the nation has added another string to its bow.

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