What is the top blepharoplasty clinic at Denpasar?


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Often, eyes bear the brunt of problems thanks to environmental pollution, stress, squinting due to constantly looking at computer and smart phone screens and more – all of which lead to wrinkles and a more aged look.

The benefits of blepharoplasty

It is possible that you have monolids without a crease on the upper eyelids, or you have fat deposits on the upper and lower eyelids or drooping upper eyelids or you have wrinkling and eye bags that make you look older than your years. All these problems can be taken care of via blepharoplasty which is plastic surgery for the eyes. After blepharoplasty your eyes will look more open and you will look alert instead of sleepy and older.

After this procedure your under eye bags disappear, if you have folds and wrinkles in or around the eyes, these are taking care of during the surgery and if you need a crease put on one or both lids, this too can be done during the surgery.


What is the blepharoplasty cost at Denpasar?

When you want to go to Denpasar for a holiday and combine it with some surgery or you plan to go for affordable plastic surgery to Bali and feel that you will still save money, then you should be aware of the cost. In an advanced western country the blepharoplasty cost is around AUD8,375 (NZD8,956, £5,068, €5,607, US$6,656, CAD8,371).

In beautiful Bali, where you can also enjoy some relaxing time off the blepharoplasty surgery will cost you around AUD1,100 (NZD1,176, £665, €736, US$874, CAD1,099). This sizeable price difference makes it worth your while to travel to Bali for this surgery.

Recommended top blepharoplasty clinic at Denpasar

Denpasar is in Bali, a popular tourist region in Indonesia, known for its beaches and night life. However, there is more that you can do in Bali including visiting temples dedicated to different faiths, local art and architecture, shopping for arts and crafts or for inexpensive shopping at huge shopping malls or even visiting the different islands around. With high quality medical centers like Rejuvie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging in Denpasar, you are sure to have a great experience.

This clinic offers all kinds of dermatological and cosmetic treatments that beautify your skin, are anti-aging and give you a smoother and younger looking complexion. Dr. Murino of this clinic is famous for his skin treatments and is also a member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). During your initial consultation, the doctor will assess your condition and then advise you as to which procedures are required. The medical team aims to meet or even exceed your expectations.

Book with Medical Departures at the top blepharoplasty clinic at Denpasar and get ready to enjoy a memorable holiday along with low cost medical treatment that will leave you looking younger and fresher.

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