What Price are Breast Implants in Bali?


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If You Are Looking for Bali Breast Implants Price, You Have Come to the Right Place

Every year, thousands of medical tourists from far and wide travel to Indonesia to take advantage of the cheap breast implants in Bali. Breast implants prices are at least 50% lower for visitors from Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK, and so the island has emerged as one of the top-most medical tourism destinations in Asia, a continent that is the current leader in this sector. This article will provide you an overview of what it costs to have plastic surgery on this beautiful island province of Indonesia.

Cost of Breast Implant Bali is Lower than you Can Imagine

The demand for plastic surgery is most dominant in western nations, but the cost of surgery is beyond most people’s reach. That is why medical tourism has become a global industry. Indonesia, with its cheap breast implants offers low-cost medical services like plastic surgery in Bali to people across the world especially Australia and New Zealand.


Here’s what you can expect to pay for breast implants at the best hospital in Bali:


Breast augmentation: USD 3700 to USD 4900.

Breast reconstruction: USD 3600 to USD 5900.


Now compare these costs to the USD 8000 to USD 12000 that you would have to pay in Australia or New Zealand for breast implants. You can’t miss the difference.


Depending on your procedure, you will end up paying half the amount that a surgeon in your country will charge you. We are speaking of cost-savings of thousands of dollars for facelifts, breast augmentation, and even hip replacement.

Bali Hospitals Do Not Have Hidden Costs

Not only are you being charged lower rates for complex procedure like plastic surgery, but Indonesian hospitals are also very upfront about the actual cost of breast implants in Bali. Of course, you will only be given the exact costs when you end up at medical facility, but even when it comes to providing estimates, Bali hospitals are more forthcoming than western hospitals. This is because they know that even the highest cost for surgery in their country will still be lower than what their overseas patients are paying back at home. This also shows that contrary to some people’s opinion, the Asian tourism sector abides by honesty.

Factors That Explain Why Prices Are So Low

When doing a breast implants Bali review, many people wonder how Bali hospitals charge so less for plastic surgery. There are several factors that can explain this. For instance, the cost of becoming a surgeon and running a practice is lower in Asia than the North America, Europe or Australia. This is reflected in how much these hospitals charge their patients. Then there is also an element of competition, i.e. all Bali hospitals are in a stiff competition to attract the greatest number of medical tourists, and this also keeps prices low.


In any case the prices are not low because the medical services are of a poor quality. On the contrary, Bali hospitals are run by surgeons who have received some or all of their training overseas, and hospitals like BIMC are even managed by international medical teams. In other words, you are paying less for the same quality of treatment and after-care that you can expect in your country.


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