Where Can I Get a Hair Transplant in Indonesia?


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Everyone loves a full head of hair. However, not everyone gets to keep it as baldness kicks in sooner or later for a lot of people. So, if you happen to be looking for a hair transplant, review Indonesia and its top clinics. You can save a lot of money by traveling to Indonesia for the transplant, and have a nice vacation in the process.

Top Clinics in Indonesia to Get a Hair Transplant

Choosing the right clinic overseas, whether for hair transplant or some other procedure, is crucial. This is perhaps the closest thing to a “catch” in medical tourism. Because not all clinics are of the same standard and some of them may not be up to the mark.

Having said that, you can easily zoom in on the best clinics by browsing Medical Departures. We leave no stone unturned to ensure only the most reliable and accomplished clinics at top medical tourist destinations are added to our site for your review. Whether it’s conducting onsite visits or confirming the staff qualifications, we do what’s needed to determine whether a clinic deserves your attention or not.

To help you quickly choose the best clinic for hair transplant in Indonesia, here are 3 names that you can shortlist:

These clinics offer the best combination of low cost and high quality that makes your trip to Indonesia worth it. You don’t want to tear your hair out trying to find the right clinic. Nor do you want to choose a clinic in haste. So feel free to review the clinic information, patient reviews, photos and prices of the above clinics and choose one.

Save Money

A hair transplant can cost around AUD $12,000 / NZD $13,500 Down Under. The hair transplant cost Indonesia offers is much lower than that. You should get a personalized quote from the above clinics so you have a better idea of the savings will enjoy.

The best part is, by choosing one of the top clinics, you get the same amazing results from the transplant as you would back home. Maybe even better as there’s no shortage of brilliant hair transplant professionals abroad. So contrary to what some people think and may tell you, you’re not settling for lower quality just because you’re getting the treatment abroad.

Add to this the chance to vacation in beautiful Indonesia, and you have an amazing plan on your hands. You will need some time after the transplant for recovery; your stitches will be removed 10 days after the procedure. The actual recovery time will depend on the type of hair transplant you get and some other factors unique to you. So it’s best to relax and recover in peace over there before you’re ready to return home.

All in all, if you’re considering hair transplant, review Indonesia’s top clinics listed above and plan your medical holiday. You will be glad you did.


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