Where should you go for eyelid surgery? Medical tourism in Seoul is booming


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If you need eyelid surgery and have to select an affordable place to go to, you should know that for all surgeries including eyelid surgery, medical tourism in Seoul makes sense. That is because the doctors here are highly qualified and experienced, not surprising since South Korea is at the forefront of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Eyelid surgery - Medical tourism in Seoul

South Korea has a lot going for it. The country has made great strides in information technology, electronics and even consumer goods. It is known for products of three large companies, Samsung, LG and Hyundai that are now available globally, including medical equipment and devices. Large cities like Seoul are a mix of the traditional and modern and the country is known for its advanced medical care and treatment.

At the same time it is quite reasonably priced for high quality medical treatment. It has one of the largest ratios of plastic surgeons per capita and youngsters in Korea are all the more aware of their appearance. As such, it has also made inroads into the international medical tourism market and doctors see large numbers of international clients from other countries round the globe. Thanks to the high quality of medical centers, South Korea has as many as 23 JCI accredited hospitals. Seoul is a also an evolved medical tourism destination thanks to its rich culture and history, the festivals, shopping, performances and temples and the beaches and forests that are within easy access from the capital.

Eyelid surgery in Seoul

When you go to Seoul for eyelid surgery as a medical tourist, you enjoy your time off and have a holiday in this exotic destination. Eyelid surgery can help remove lines and wrinkles from around your eyes. You can also get drooping eyelids fixed and under eye bags removed, making your eyes look more open and younger. After the surgery puffy eyes and unnecessary folds will disappear and you will sport a more youthful appearance.

When you go through eyelid surgery reviews, Seoul you will find that South Korea offers affordable eyelid surgery options at top clinics like Yuno Plastic Surgery . This MD verified clinic specializes in different kinds of facial surgeries including eyelid surgeries. Dr. Kim Sin Young, who heads the clinic, is a member of various medical bodies including The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery .

What is the cost difference for eyelid surgery in Seoul when compared to western countries? 

In an advanced western country eyelid surgery will cost you an average of AUD8,400 (NZD8,831, £4,870, €5,596, US$6,318, CAD8,402). In Seoul, rates are much lower and the surgery averages at around. AUD3,700 (NZD4,060, £2,180, €2,453, US$2,900, CAD3,613). So the cost of travel, stay, holiday and other expenses are more than covered by the price difference.

Book with Medical Departures and take advantage of the low price for this eyelid surgery. Medical tourism in Seoul may prove to be the wisest investment you have made in yourself.


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