Which bariatric surgery clinics are recommended in Tijuana?


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In western countries, weight loss surgery is expensive, but Tijuana ‘s bariatric surgery clinics offer these operations at just a fraction of what you may spend back at home - without easing up on the quality.

The head-scratching problem most people come across when looking for cosmetic work in Tijuana is typically finding a suitable clinic. Though Tijuana has many offices spread throughout it’s beautiful region, Medical Departures wanted to give you an inside look at two of its most popular bariatric facilities.

Advanced Health Medical Center

Advanced Health Medical’s objective is to offer safe and secure health services to their medical clients, agreed with the standard of the General Health Council and with the joint Commission International.

Considering the comfort of their client’s wellbeing, they are situated in one of the most popular areas in Tijuana (Zona Rio), Mexico. Their facility is a modern built institute, with security 24 hours a day. Only 20 minutes away from San Diego City, USA and 5 minutes away from the border.


Their broad range of surgical assignments includes obesity surgery, as well as the following:

  • Plastic surgery

  • Gynecology

  • ENT

  • Orthopedics

  • Urology

  • Ophthalmology

Advanced Health Medical Center offers bariatric surgery for as low as 4,054 USD, 3,130 GBP, 3,553 EUR, 5,161 CAD, 5,238 AUD, 5,538 NZD.

Western prices for bariatric surgery are as follows: 19,982 USD, 15,427 GBP, 17,512 EUR, 25,437 CAD, 25,817 AUD, 27,289 NZD.

Dr. Ismael Jonathan Vazquez Bailon

If you’re looking for a bariatric surgeon, Dr. Ismael Jonathan Vazquez Bailon is one of Tijuana’s best surgeons. Dr. Ismael is the managing doctor at Diabetes Obesity Clinic with an experienced staff in diabetes and obesity treatments. He is a specialist in bariatric surgery receiving his credentials from the School of Medicine of the Universidad Pan-American, which located in Mexico City.

Dr. Ismael offers bariatric surgery for as low as 5,800 USD, 4,390 GBP, 4,907 EUR, 7,243 CAD, 7,248 AUD, 7,738 NZD.

Why is medical tourism becoming so popular?

The number one reason being that it’s a much cheaper alternative than the price of western countries. The prices of medical services are almost half that of western countries making these destinations very attractive to foreigners. People are also doubling their medical trip as a holiday trip as well.

However, although cost is a primary factor, it’s no good if the quality suffers – which is why we research the best clinics and surgeons on your behalf, so you know you can rely on them.

Do the doctors and surgeons speak English?

A common question that we get here at Medical Departures is whether or not surgeons and doctors at different medical clinics speak English. The short answer to that is yes.

The clinics that we provide you with are typically institutes that work with international patients. Because their clientele are mainly western citizens, it has become imperative for each clinic to have staff that speaks English fluently to communicate with each patient.

Any questions about bariatric surgery in Tijuana? Then get in touch with our Customer care team who are always happy to help.

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