Why Getting Botox on Holiday in Indonesia is a Great Idea


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On our exclusive Botox hospitals list, Indonesia has a number of highly ranked clinics that are ready, willing and able to deliver the ultimate in Botox treatment for a fraction of the prices being charged by providers in your home country.

If you’re planning on visiting Indonesia on holiday, then why not take the opportunity to return home with a more youthful, healthy-looking visage to compliment your tan and save a few bucks into the bargain?

Medical facilities and doctors in Bali can help you roll back the years without impacting on your busy schedule or bank balance. But if you’re not yet convinced, here are three reasons why getting Botox on holiday in Indonesia is a great idea:

1. Save Money on Your Treatment

If you’ve looked at getting the treatment done in your home country, you probably already know that AUD $20 (NZD $23; USD $16; CAD $20; GBP £12; EUR €14) is about the average Botox price. Indonesia, on the other hand, charge as little as AUD $9 (NZD $10; USD $7; CAD $8; GBP £5; EUR €6) per unit of Botox.

Whilst this may not seem like a vast amount of money, it is a saving of around 55%. If you then consider that you will need multiple units to achieve the result you desire, the savings can soon mount up. For example, it can take up to 60 units to treat the forehead, which equates to the following savings:

Country Price in Indonesia Domestic Cost

Australia AUD $540 AUD $1,200

New Zealand NZD $600 NZD $1,326

United States USD $420 USD $921

Canada CAD $480 CAD $1,167

United Kingdom GBP £300 GBP £700

Europe EUR €360 EUR €790

2. Get top Quality Results

Botox is a low cost, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is designed to combat wrinkles. You can eliminate up to 80% of imperfections, such as lines, crow’s feet and active wrinkles.

The process involves injecting a type of botulinum toxin directly into the muscles. This paralyzes the muscles, and the relaxing effect this produces effectively gives patient’s a much younger appearance.

There are many outstanding Botox clinics and hospitals in Indonesia that can deliver a younger-looking you with this quick-to-administer procedure that has virtually no downtime afterwards:

a) Rejuvie Aesthetic Anti-Aging are located in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, and are cosmetic dermatology experts who specialize in non-invasive anti-aging procedures.

b) BIMC Hospital Nusa are based in Nusa Dua and are a modern facility with their own Cosmetic Dermatology Centre.

c) Manika Aesthetic Clinic , in Denpasar, cater for holidaymakers who want to rejuvenate their tired or aging skin.

d) DNL Skin Centre are conveniently situated in the beach resort of Kuta and are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of services to suit all cosmetic needs.

e) Nu Mi Aesthetic Wellness Clinic are another clinic based in Denpasar who offer superior wrinkle reduction treatments that include Botox injections.

3. Enjoy a Fantastic Vacation

Indonesia has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you crave the hustle and bustle of a thriving metropolis, such as the capital city of Jakarta, or the beach-life and party scene of resort locations such as Kuta Beach in Bali, the country caters for all tastes and requirements.

Indonesia’s tropical forests are the second-largest on the planet, and there are no less than 167 active volcanoes to explore. Coupled with a plethora of natural, cultural and historical attractions, not to mention the superior water sport activities that include scuba diving, sailing and surfing, you won’t be short of things to do during your stay!

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