Why You Should Consider Getting Cheek Implants in South Korea

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Getting Cheek Implants in South Korea: Some Tips

Hollow cheeks make you look older. Getting implants are beneficial for those who never had cheeks and those who lost their fullness with age. But where to get them? In the following paragraphs, we discuss the prospect of getting cheek implants in South Korea.

Why Cheek Augmentation?

Well, this procedure will make your face contoured and thereby enhance your beauty. However, not everyone is a candidate. This is something that your surgeon will determine.

Aging causes many people to lose fullness in their face, especially under the eyes. Such people are ideal candidates for cheek augmentation. But there are other people as well who never really had full cheeks, and they are also ideal candidates for cheek implants. Yes, soft tissues fillers work, but they only plump your cheeks temporarily. Cheek augmentation, on the other hand, is lasting solution.

Why South Korea?

South Korea has a bustling tourism scene as the country attracts people from all over who come to witness its rich culture and cuisine. While Korea has spectacular natural beauty, it also hasdd_201709121716_south_korea.jpg one of the most developed infrastructures. Lately, South Korea has become a medical tourism destination that attracts more and more people every year. South Korea offers everything from cosmetic procedures to cancer treatments.


South Korea’s medical infrastructure is one of the finest in the world. An eighteen-member board serving under the Ministry of Health and Welfare manages healthcare and enforces health standards in public and private hospitals and also ensures that these hospitals keep their systems updated.

Efficiency is also a major factor, as patients do not wait for long hours to get treatment, even for outpatient services. This is also something that attracts foreign patients who only visit Korea for a limited time.

But most importantly, the cost of treatment in South Korea is significantly lower than countries like Australia and New Zealand. This is especially true for cosmetic procedures like cheek augmentation.

Oracle Clinic is an excellent surgical facility in this regard offering affordable cheek surgery. Likewise, Braun Plastic Surgery clinic offers this procedure at an average cost of AUD $5986-$10,244 and NZD $6422-$10990.

This is just a reflection of how low surgery costs are in South Korea, and medical tourists can expect to save up to 75% on cosmetic procedures at any top clinic in South Korea, but without any compromise on the quality of treatment.

What Now?

You can consult with a surgeon (either at your hometown or in South Korea) and discuss surgery goals with him/her. While Korean is the predominant language, you can find English-speaking surgeons and medical staff at most clinics.

The consultant physician may also run physical examinations to determine that your overall health is good and that your immune system is functioning normally. Rest assured, getting cheek implants in a South Korea clinic is a decision you will not regret.

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