Why you should consider liposuction in Pattaya


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When you have tried everything to get rid of fat deposits including diet, exercise and so-called spot reduction techniques, you may be on the verge of giving up your battle. However, at a liposuction hospital in Pattaya you can eliminate your fat deposits thanks to the advanced liposuction techniques in use.

Why Pattaya?

One of the hottest travel destinations in Thailand, Pattaya is a coastal city famed for its beaches. You can fun and frolic during the day and party till the wee hours thanks to the vibrant night life that it is known for. With a generally warm and humid climate (mid 30°C) almost through the year, you can bask in the sunshine and enjoy myriad water sports. Other things you can do are go-kart racing, golfing, visiting zoos, theme parks, water parks and more. At Mini Siam you can see models of famous Thailand and world monuments including the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty.

Most importantly, Pattaya offers affordable cosmetic treatments. Liposuction that would cost you an average of AUD8,100 (NZD8,673, £4,621, €5,454, US$6,000, CAD8,189) in western countries would cost you only an average of around AUD2,020 (NZD2,168, £1,155, €1,363 US$1,500, CAD2,047) in Pattaya. Thanks to the low liposuction cost Pattaya becomes even more attractive for a holiday.

How does liposuction help you?

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure that removes fat from specific areas. Often liposuction is used to remove fat from thighs, hips, abdomen, back, upper arms and other areas where fat tends to accumulate. It can be done in the traditional way using anesthesia and incisions through which cannulas are inserted to vacuum the fat. This is an invasive method and you do require the use of compression garments post the treatment for better healing.

However, modern liposuction techniques are non-invasive and use radiofrequency waves, ultrasound, laser, heat or freezing to kill off the fat cells that are then naturally removed by the body. This kind of liposuction procedure may require more than one treatment for greater effectiveness. Liposuction can be done as a standalone procedure or be part of other surgeries.

Top clinic in Pattaya for liposuction

When you are going for liposuction you want to be safe whether it is surgical or non-surgical. And if you are planning a holiday, you don’t want to take any chances with your health all the more. One of the top clinics in Pattaya for liposuction is La Grace Clinic . It is a branch of a large chain that has 15 clinics in different parts, with a large number in Bangkok. It is a state of the art clinic using all kinds of modern techniques and devices to give you the results that you are looking for.

And when you book through Medical Departures you are much safer. That is because we run quality checks on the clinics and verify their treatment standards. We also conduct background checks on the doctors and see that they are appropriately qualified and credentialed. We offer the best price guarantee and we carry genuine patient reviews on our site.

Book with Medical Departures at this top liposuction hospital in Pattaya and return home with a slimmer body.

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