Anti-Aging Check-Up Package

The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging Check-Up Package

Anti-Aging Check-Ups offered by our clinics can be an important way of keeping a check on your health, and helping you to make changes to improve the quality of your life.

Preventive screening is seen is one of the most effective ways of detecting health problems as it often leads to early detection, which means treatment has a greater chance of success.

During an anti-aging check-up the doctor will perform a thorough consultation and physical examination, as well as order a multitude of tests, which include scans and blood tests. Your results will be presented to you once they are complete, and the doctor will explain them to you and provide advice as to what you need to improve, or maintain, results.

Anti-Aging Screening Basics

Anti-Aging screening package tests may vary and so it is worth checking, if you’ve got something in particular that is bothering you, what tests will be included. It may well be that you can ask for additional screening to be included.

Basic Anti-Aging Check-Ups

Basic Anti-Aging check-ups typically consist of a physical examination, and measurements including weight, height and body mass index (BMI).

Blood Test(s)

A good many functions in the body can simply assessed through blood tests. This includes:

• Complete or Full blood count (CBC/FBC)
• Cholesterol (Lipid profile)
• Kidney Function
• Liver Function
• Hormones (including thyroid)
• Tumor markers
• Vitamin Levels

Why have an Anti-Aging Check-Up

If you have regular anti-aging check-ups you will be able to put your mind at ease and plan for the future in terms of adjusting your lifestyle and making other changes.