Anti-Aging Check-Up Package

The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging Check-Up Package

Last fact-checked: 28 August 2020

Anti-aging check-ups offered by our partner clinics around the world can be a useful way of keeping up-to-date on your overall health, allowing you to make effective changes to improve your quality of life.

Discover what these medical checks entail, why they are so important and how to have yours while on holiday or business with the help of Medical Departures. 

What Are Anti-Aging Check-Ups?

Preventive screening is seen as one of the most effective ways of detecting health problems. These generally straightforward checks can often lead to early detection, which means treatment has a greater chance of success.

During an anti-aging check-up, the doctor will perform a thorough consultation and physical examination, as well as order a multitude of tests, which include scans and blood tests. Your results will be presented to you once they are complete; the doctor will explain them to you and provide advice as to what may need to be improved (or maintain).

Anti-Aging Screening Basics

Anti-aging screening package tests vary based on a patient's conditions and concerns; if you have something that is particularly bothering or worrying you, do make sure to discuss with the doctor what tests will actually be included. It may well be that you can ask for additional screening to be included.

Basic Anti-Aging Check-Ups

Basic anti-aging check-ups typically consist of a physical examination and measurements including weight, height and body mass index (BMI).

Blood Test(s)

A good many functions in the body can be assessed through blood tests. These include:

  • Complete or full blood count (CBC/FBC)

  • Cholesterol (lipid profile)

  • Kidney function

  • Liver function

  • Hormones (including thyroid)

  • Tumor markers

  • Vitamin levels

Read more in detail about what anti-aging check-ups entail here.

Why Undergo an Anti-Aging Check-Up and Why Abroad?

If you have regular anti-aging check-ups you will be able to put your mind at ease and plan for the future in terms of adjusting your lifestyle and making other changes.

With rising costs and difficulty accessing doctors around the world, particularly in countries like the US, UK, and Australia, it is becoming more commonplace for tourists heading abroad to combine their holiday with medical treatment, with a check-up being one of the options. 

The entire process (heading to the clinic, undergoing an assessment and checks, and then heading back if need be) takes only a few hours; you’ll save a decent amount to put toward your holiday and a medical check-up is important to put your mind at ease when it comes to your and your family’s future. 

Getting Started with Medical Departures

Medical Departures has over a decade of experience working with the best clinics and hospitals in dozens of locations around the world. We only partner with reliable clinics and doctors for your anti-aging check-up so you can be confident of receiving quality care.

Medical Departures makes it our business to work with the best, carrying out our own pre-screening checks before we partner with any medical facilities. Our checks include searching criminal/legal records
, collating and publishing real patient reviews
, verifying doctor and surgeon qualifications
 and confirming professional memberships

Get started now with these top clinics for anti-aging check-ups in these popular destinations for medical tourism: 

Booking Your Appointment

Browse our full list of global anti-aging clinics here and bok directly online through Medical Departures to secure the best prices.

Our Customer Care Team can also be reached any time of the day or night, at no charge to you.


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