Arm Lift in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Arm Lift in Johor Bahru

If you have sagging skin and fat in your upper arms then you should consider arm lifts in Johor Bahru. This Malaysian city is a medical tourism hub, offering attractive prices and good-quality medical care.

Called brachioplasty, this surgery may or may not involve liposuction because if there are fat deposits then liposuction may be more effective in removing the fat. The sagging and crepey skin is then excised and sutured. This surgery may be the only thing you can do to get slimmer upper arms as these are not affected by diet and exercise, which really cannot do much for sagging skin.

Why consider arm lifts in Johor Bahru?

If you want to have this surgery, but cost is a factor that holds you back, then Johor Bahru is a great option thanks to the affordable cosmetic surgery prices. The city is a medical tourism hub, has excellent medical facilities and well-qualified doctors. It is also in a premier tourist destination since Johor Bahru sees a vast number of tourists from all over the globe. From Australia, it is even more easily accessible as it is reasonably close. If you live in Australia or any advanced country, you may not even require a visa to go to Malaysia.

You can combine a holiday in Johor Bahru with cosmetic surgery. It has many attractions, particularly restaurants, including fine dining options, hawker food stores and food courts in the malls and shopping areas. You can find accommodation to suit your budget ranging from small basic rooms to decent service apartments to high end hotels – as well as the whole range between.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

It is not worth taking the risk of booking on your own when you have surgery since surgery always has some attendant risks. If your doctor is not skilled or the medical facility you go to is not of a particular standard, you can have a bad experience. Among the complications are stitches opening, infection, poor wound care and even skin death, so it is important to go to the right doctor. There is no easy way to establish whether a particular doctor is the right one for you, but finding out there qualifications, or appropriate professional memberships like ISAPS is a good start.

If you book through Medical Departures you will have an element of safety in place since we always look into the credentials, training, experience and qualifications of the doctors and medical centers we list on our website. We ensure that the place follows international treatment and surgical norms and that their facilities are of good quality.

How much time does an arm lift take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The time taken for the surgery can range from an hour to three as there are different surgical techniques used and this also depends on whether you have a mini arm lift or an extensive one and whether or not you need liposuction. Your surgery may be restricted only to the upper arms or may go from close to the chest under the armpits all the way to the elbows. Do keep in mind that this is one surgery that inevitably leaves scars, though these will be on the underside of the arms and will eventually fade considerably.

After surgery, you will have restricted arm movement. Your arms will be bandaged and you may need drains that should be taken care of. You will need antibiotics and painkillers. You can expect at least two weeks of recovery time where work will be quite difficult and you will need to take care about movement as well. You will need to go for follow up appointments and can expect to stay in KL for at least 10 days for this surgery.

What is the cost of arm lifts in Johor Bahru?

The cost of Arm Lifts in Johor Bahru are around AUD $4,500 (NZ $4,800; UK £2,800; EURO €3,100; US $3,400; CAN $4,800) compared to AUD $10,000 in Australia (NZ $10,700; UK £6,200; EURO €7,000; US $7,600; CAN $10,700).

What now?

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