Bariatric Surgery in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Bariatric Surgery in Mexico City

Last fact-checked: 28 October 2019

If you've hit a plateau with diet and exercise when it comes to losing weight, bariatric surgery in Mexico City could help you to finally drop the pounds and live a better quality of life.

With obesity on the rise around the world, awareness of the life-threatening conditions associated with being overweight has increased. Carrying around extra weight can prevent you from living life to the fullest and even put your health at risk. For many people, however, diet and exercise simply are not enough to lose weight and keep it off. Bariatric surgery, also known as weight-loss surgery, can help individuals suffering from obesity lose weight and live a healthier, happier life.

If you are considering having this procedure performed, you should be aware that bariatric surgery is considered to be major surgery. Therefore, it’s important to consult with your physician to ensure you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?

Prior to having bariatric surgery, patients should have attempted to lose weight with exercise and diet. Good candidates for bariatric surgery may have a Body Mass Index of at least 35. Some patients may also suffer from serious health conditions as a result of obesity. It should be kept in mind that while bariatric surgery can be an effective way to lose weight, you will need to make a commitment of permanent lifestyle changes, including being more active and changing the way you eat.

Why Have Bariatric Surgery in Mexico City

Located in the central part of the country, Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and offers a range of cultural experiences, including excellent restaurants, museums, historical sights, and other attractions. By traveling to Mexico City for bariatric surgery, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing getaway while also saving on the cost of your procedure. In order to take full advantage of everything Mexico City has to offer, get any sightseeing you want to do out of the way prior to your procedure.

Many patients from the United States and Canada are now choosing to travel to Mexico to have their procedures performed, due to the fact that it’s a convenient flight and offers lower prices. Before booking your procedure, it’s a good idea to conduct some research and ensure you choose the right facility. At Medical Departures, we understand the importance of selecting a reputable clinic and surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery. This is why we offer a list of thoroughly vetted clinics and physicians. As part of our background check, we confirm qualifications, as well as professional memberships, such as the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity.

Prior to including a surgeon or facility on our list, we also perform civil and criminal background checks as well as visit facilities. We also interview patients and collect testimonials from patients to ensure well-being and peace of mind.

How Long Does Bariatric Surgery Take and What Is the Recovery Like?

Bariatric surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure typically takes about one hour to complete. Many physicians perform this procedure using a laparoscope, which allows for making smaller incisions. The way in which the surgery is performed will be determined by the type of procedure selected. For instance, the stomach will be divided into multiple sections in a gastric bypass. The physician will create a small pouch, making it possible for food to make its way past the large portion of the stomach and pass into the pouch, instead.

Bariatric surgery patients are usually unable to eat for several days after their surgery. Your diet in the days after your surgery will be comprised of liquid foods. You will then transition to soft foods. Within a few days, you should be able to begin eating normal foods, but you should be aware that you may need to avoid eating certain foods. Most patients are able to leave the hospital within about one week following bariatric surgery.

What Is the Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico City Compared to the U.S. and Canada?

Bariatric surgery in Mexico City has an average cost of $10,000 (EUR €8,886, GBP £10,000, AUD $13,557) compared to an average cost of $25,000 (EUR €22,000, AUD $35,000, GBP £22,000) in the United States.

These are average prices based on a range of comparisons. For individual clinic prices, as well as photos, surgeon profiles, maps and patient reveiws, check out these top facilities in Mexico City for bariatric surgery in Mexico below:

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