The Ultimate Guide to Bellafill

Last fact-checked: 13 August 2020

Bellafil® is a type of dermal filler used for smoothing lines, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and improving contours to give you a more refreshed and younger-looking appearance.

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How Does Bellafill Work?

Bellafill is a collagen-based dermal filler that helps to restore depleted collagen levels in the skin. Collagen is one of the fundamental building blocks of good skin; it occurs naturally and forms a matrix under the skin, keeping in smooth. As we age, collagen levels diminish; the matrix begins to break down and fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Bellafill works in two ways thanks to its two key components, namely:

  1. Bovine (cow) collagen, which supports your own body’s collagen production

  2. Hydrating microspheres to add moisture to the skin

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Before treatment commences, you will need to have a negative allergy test in case you are allergic to the bovine collagen in the product.

Bellafill is injected directly into the areas requiring treatment with a fine-needle syringe. These will be predetermined by a qualified doctor or beauty therapist. The treatment itself only takes a few moments, especially if you are only having one area done. Most patients are in and out of the clinic within about an hour, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day (and holiday).

You may be given some local anesthetic before the injection, to make you more comfortable.

How Long Is the Recovery Time for Bellafill Treatment?

There are minimal side-effects from Bellafill injections. You may feel a little discomfort during the injection, and immediately afterward you may experience some bruising, swelling, itching and redness, but these will be mild and should disappear completely within a day or two.

The fact that you’ll be able to get on with most holiday activities even the same day makes this a great option for medical tourists looking to save money on a non-invasive, wrinkle-busting treatment. 

How Long Does Bellafill Last?

You should be able to see the results of your Bellafill injection almost immediately, and the results could last for up to a year. You may need to have some top-ups initially to achieve the desired result. These carried out three to six weeks apart.

Obviously, if you are only in a particular destination abroad for a week or so, you will only be able to undergo one round of treatment—but this can result in substantial savings. 

Medical Departures has partnered with verified facilities that offer Bellafill all over the world, so you could even have your next round in a new destination if you are a frequent traveler.

Where Can I Undergo Bellafill Treatment?

Some of our most popular destinations for beauty treatments like Bellafill, as well as other dermal filler brands, include Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines. 

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It is also worthwhile browsing our full list of clinics and hospitals that offer wrinkle treatments here—as many of these may offer Bellafill alongside the likes of Botox and Juvederm

How Much Can I Save on Bellafill Treatment?

Savings vary depending on where in the world you visit, as well as how expensive this treatment is in your home country. However, most of our patients are able to save at least 50% on cosmetic treatments, especially if you live in the US, UK, Australia or New Zealand where savings of up to 70% are not uncommon. 

Getting Started

All treatments booked with Medical Departures are covered by our Best Price Guarantee. You can book your appointment online at any time of the day or night, at no charge to you. If you see a lower price for your medical treatment on another website, we’ll match it. 

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