Body Lift in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Tijuana

Save on the cost of your body lift in Tijuana and get a whole new you for less. Body lift surgery can help you feel good about yourself, especially if you have lost a massive amount of weight and have folds of loose skin, which despite the weight you’ve lost, are still not allowing you to reap the benefits. Body lifts are also suitable to improve dimpled skin and cellulite on the abdomen, groin, buttocks and thighs.

Weight loss surgery is one of the most popular surgeries to have in Mexico, and there are notable clinics across the country, including Tijuana. It is very often necessary for obese patients who have lost a great deal of weight to have body lift surgery to remove loose skin which was stretched by the weight gain, with many patients, particularly from North America, choosing Tijuana for their treatment.

Why should I have a body lift in Tijuana?

Tijuana has excellent, modern facilities which wouldn’t look out of place in any Western country. One of the fastest growing economies in the world, investment in private healthcare has seen medical tourism become a viable service, competing with the best in the world. New hospitals and clinics reflect this, providing centers of excellence staffed with the best in the country.

Medical expertise in Mexico is just as good as anywhere in the world. Training may be structured differently to the United States, but it is just as thorough. Cross-border training is the norm in these days of frequent, cheap air travel, and it isn’t unusual for doctors in Mexico to obtain qualifications in the USA, Canada, or even further afield.

Choosing where to go for any surgery overseas is a daunting task, especially for major surgery like a body lift. Medical Departures understands the problems patients face when trying to ascertain whether a facility or surgeon abroad is trustworthy and reliable. Our website lists doctor qualifications, professional memberships and international affiliations, as well as virtual video tours and high-definition photos of clinics and hospitals. This is freely available to patients to help them choose in confidence, alongside real patient reviews.

We only list on our website if we are happy with the information we have found, and this is backed up by our onsite visits. Our patients may not be able to see the facilities before they go, but we provide the next best thing.

What is the body lift procedure, and how long will the surgery take?

A body lift is actually a number of surgical procedures performed together in order to achieve the desired result. Before your surgery, you and your surgeon will agree on what areas need to be improved, and the surgery will be tailored to your specific needs.

Because each case is unique, it’s difficult to give an exact time, but, on average it’s around 5 hours – some may be longer and some shorter.

You will be given a general anesthetic prior to the surgery beginning and long incisions will be made across the areas where the skin is to be removed. Surgeons will make these incisions in inconspicuous areas that can be hidden under clothes – say a bikini, for example. After the long incision is made, the underlying tissue and loose skin is removed, and the remaining skin pulled tight and stitched in place.

What is the recovery time for a body lift?

The body loft is major surgery, and as it is performed in a number of areas across the body, you will feel very uncomfortable afterwards. You will be given painkillers but even moving to a comfortable position may be difficult.

It will be a number of weeks before the soreness and tenderness eases significantly, and around a month before you are able to return to work. You will gradually start to feel better, but it may be 6 – 8 weeks before you feel like your old self again.

What is the cost of body lift surgery in Tijuana, compared to the United States and Canada?

Body lift surgery in Tijuana can save you around 50%, costing around $8,000, compared to in the United States when it’s likely to cost upwards of $16,000.

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