Body Lift in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Mexico City

Last fact-checked: 4 September 2020

Find out how a body lift in Mexico City could be the answer to excess cellulite, stubborn pockets of fat and wobbly bits that refuse to disappear after exercise and dieting.

Take advantage of our free-to-access lists of background-checked clinics in the Mexican capital as well as our Best Price Guarantee when booking your appointment through Medical Departures.

What Is a Body Lift for?

Body lifts aim to tone the supportive tissue layer underlying the fat and skin, which can, consequently, improve the skin’s shape. This is a major surgical procedure that is considerably expensive, which is why traveling to Mexico City could be the answer as prices are substantially lower here than at home. 

Some people also seek body lifts to improve the appearance of a part of the body that is dimpled due to cellulite. Body lifts can be performed on various parts of the body, such as the buttocks, groin, thighs and abdominal region.

Am I Suitable for a Body Lift?

In order to be a suitable candidate for a body lift in Mexico City, it is important for your weight to be stabilized, whether this has come about a result of surgeries or effort on the part of the individual. This is because a body lift will cause the lower body to tighten. Therefore, if the patient loses any additional weight after this procedure has been performed, skin will appear saggy again (defeating the purpose).

Furthermore, if you have excess fat around the buttocks and thighs, it is suggested that this weight should be lost before the procedure is performed.

It is also suggested that women who wish to get pregnant in the near future should postpone their body lift procedure, since getting pregnant immediately after will diminish the positive results gained through surgery.

People who would be good candidates for this procedure are those who don’t smoke, do not have any other medical conditions that could slow down healing and have loose skin on various body parts.

Why Consider a Body Lift in Mexico City?

This surgical procedure is carried out in order to remove excess fat and cellulite from the bodies of people who have lost excessive weight. Since this is an invasive surgery involving anesthesia, patients may want to meet the medical service provider to discuss their individual cases, which is why it is easy to get this procedure done in Mexico City, since people residing in the United States and Canada can easily purchase cheap air tickets.

People have been coming to Mexico for a long time to seek medical supplies at discounted prices, so it is only natural for them to then explore the kind of medical services being provided here. You can find out about the world-class medical services being provided here through a quick search online at significantly lower prices. Among others, Mexico City is one of the most popular destinations for people seeking medical facilities abroad, and you’ll find them, generally, to be of a high standard, adhering to international protocols and safety standards.

Medical Departures weeds out sub-standard medical providers and connects you with only the best clinics and medical personnel, who have been chosen after a thorough background check that includes criminal/legal checks; onsite visits; doctor qualifications; professional membership and authenticated patient testimonials.

What About the Recovery Period?

Small draining tubes are placed underneath the patient’s skin in order to drain any blood or fluids from the body, and these are left there until the leakage comes down significantly. In general, one can expect the drains to stay in place for another two weeks after the surgery. They also get dissolved on their own, but this depends on the kind of suture used. In some cases, they may have to be removed.

Patients may be asked to wear compression garments in order to control the swelling, and smooth and flatten the skin. Their activity level will also be monitored. Although some light movement is good for the healing process, it may cause discomfort or pain immediately after the surgery and you may find it difficult to get comfortable, especially during the first few days after surgery.

Understandably patients have questions regarding the required duration of their stay in Mexico City after surgery, especially when trying to make plans to return home on a flight. Your selected surgeon can give you an accurate timeframe before you go ahead and book those flights. You will need to rest in a comfortable and cool place in Mexico City for several days following surgery. One option is to book flexible flight tickets where you can change the day on which you fly (back home) for only a small extra cost. 

How Much Can I Save on My Body Lift in Mexico City Compared to the United States?

Body lifts at our partner facilities in Mexico City start from around $3,000 (CAD $11,100, GBP £5,600 €7,400, AUD $11,300). In comparison, having this same surgery in the US can lead to hospital bills of over $25,000.

It is not unusual for our patients to save four figures on the price of this major surgery, even when taking into consideration all extra travel costs.

Do remember that these are average prices based on estimates at the time of writing. For more exact prices, check out these leading providers in Mexico City where you can book your body lift surgery through our site:

How Do I Get Started?

Search our Mexico City listings to find out more about the services offered by our clinics.

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