Botox in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Botox in Pattaya

Last fact-checked: 12 July 2020

When you look in the mirror, are you noticing that your face is starting to look older? With Botox in Pattaya, you can achieve an immediately more youthful appearance that will take wrinkles and years off your age! 

Book your treatment with Medical Departures and pay less at one of our quality-checked clinics in Thailand’s popular seaside city. 

Why Botox®?

You don’t have to be in your late 30s or early 40s to start getting wrinkles—if you are constantly stressed and tired, it’s normal to develop furrows on your forehead and Crow’s feet around your eyes at a relatively young age, with fine facial lines appearing as well. These imperfections can also make your eyes look smaller.

Botox is a simple procedure that’s ideal to have as a medical tourist in Thailand. Here's why:

  • It doesn’t require a hospital stay or general anesthesia

  • Treatment is very safe when carried out by a licensed professional 

  • In Pattaya, a Botox treatment will cost a fraction of the price back home

  • Results are quick to see, so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday and arrive back home feeling more youthful and confident

Why Should I Consider Botox in Pattaya?

Pattaya is a favored tourist destination with its pleasant beaches, parks, restaurants and vibrant nightlife. With no real associated downtime, you can enjoy a great holiday while undergoing this cosmetic procedure in Pattaya. Plus, when you come back home looking younger and don’t want people knowing you had Botox, you can always say that your holiday did you a world of good!

At one of our partner beauty and plastic surgery clinics in Pattaya, you are in safe hands. The doctors, nurses and ancillary staff all speak English and will make you feel as comfortable as possible. They are all well qualified and many have received their qualifications from the Western world. Facilities are generally excellent meeting international health and safety regulations, as well as FDA approval for their products

A final reason is, of course, the costs. Prices for Botox, as well as dozens of other cosmetic treatments in Pattaya, are considerably lower than what you’d expect to pay in Australia, the US, the UK and countries around Europe and Asia. 

Why Shouldn't I Simply Book with a Clinic Directly?

An internet search will throw up many options for Botox in Thailand. It can be bewildering and confusing to narrow down a list and make a choice based on a Google search alone, where many of the top positions have been paid for. You can never be sure if you are making the right choice. However, if you book through Medical Departures, you are assured of safety, quality and a great experience.

We have already done all of the necessary research for you, so you can actually save time and money when you go through Medical Departures. We check out the qualifications of the doctors, the facilities in the clinics and all safety aspects of undergoing treatment wherever you go. 

How Much Time Does Botox Take and What Is the Recovery Time?

Botox is injected into the muscles with a very fine needle and helps to sever communication between muscles and nerve cells. This prevents the muscles from contracting and, in effect, immobilizes them, resulting in smoother-looking skin. During your consultation with the doctor, you can both decide on which areas of your face require work and also learn about what kind of results you can expect. 

There are many different brands of Botox and they are used in varying quantities. Botox works on:

  • Forehead lines

  • Nose lines at the bridge of the nose

  • Crow’s feet

  • Reduction of a gummy smile

  • Neckbands

As part of the treatment, the doctor may apply a local anesthetic cream to prevent any pain. A complete facial Botox procedure can take as little as half an hour. However, this depends on how many injections you need for the results you desire. There may be some redness and swelling or even bruising after the injections have been administered, but this will soon subside. 

Lines will soften after three days, but the full effects of the treatment will be visible after a week or so.

What Is the Cost of Botox in Pattaya?

This depends on how many units are needed for your face, while some doctors may charge per area of the face instead of units, so overall costs for Botox can vary a great deal. 

The cost of botox in Australia can vary from AU$ 1,500 to AU$ 5,000. In Pattaya, you can expect to save between 50 and 75%. [Please note: these are average price comparisons calculated at the time of writing.]

To get started, take a look at these three top clinics in Pattaya for Botox and book your treatment with Medical Departures:

What Now?

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