Botox in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Botox in Phuket Province

Find out about Botox in Phuket with Medical Departures. Your life shows on your face and while that may be poetic and romantic, the reality is that it’s not always ideal to have a face full of deeply-etched ‘character lines’ which are aging and, quite frankly, depressing.

There are many factors which help to age facial skin: sunbathing, smoking, lifestyle, alcohol, late nights, illness and hereditary traits; in short, we all have the face we deserve, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Botox® can be your saviour in the fight against time; helping to soften those frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and laughter lines.

Why should I get Botox in Phuket?

The tropical paradise of Phuket is fast becoming a main destination for medical tourists seeking top-class, affordable treatment. It also offers the opportunity to spend your initial recovery time on the beautiful, mountainous island of Phuket; situated in the clear waters of the Andaman Sea, fringed by the most beautiful beach resorts and limestone cliffs. Inland; discover the rainforests, tuk-tuks, temples, funky shops, excellent restaurants and friendly locals. Phuket really does have something for everybody.

Over the past few years, Thailand has gained a reputation as a fantastic medical-vacation destination. The majority of the doctors and surgeons are trained in USA, Japan or Europe and keep up to speed on procedures, technology and treatments by attending global seminars to keep them on the cutting edge of any advances. Clinics are modern meeting international standards on hygiene and safety.

So how come you can have your treatment and throw in the cost of flights, luxury hotel and a fabulous vacation and it still cost less than it will at home? It’s not because the treatment is inferior, the clinics are run down or the doctors and medical staff are untrained, it’s simply because of the low cost of living. Infrastructure, rent, salaries and the cost of living are so much lower and the medical tourism industry so vast that the savings are passed on to you. In return, you will spread the word and keep the wheels of the medical tourism industry turning.

What’s involved in Botox and how long does it take?

Botox is a drug medically used to temporarily paralyze muscles in order to treat certain muscular disorders or to cosmetically smooth wrinkles and fine lines to improve appearance. Just one, quick-fix, lunch-hour visit to the local clinic and between 72 hours and one week later, people will be asking you what you did differently because suddenly, you appear to have reversed the sands of time.

You need to be make-up free for this procedure so if you’re wearing any, you will be asked to remove it before the procedure starts. You will then be asked to make all kinds of facial expressions so the main character lines can be marked on your face. These are the ones which will receive the most attention.

The finest needles are used, so other than a bit of redness for a couple of hours following the procedure or perhaps in some extremely delicate cases, minor bruising, there is no sign of anything having happened. From walking in the door and back out again will only take around 15 or 20 minutes.

Side effects are incredibly rare and due to the nature of the treatment, temporary. You may have a headache but that will only last a day or two and the worst that can happen is the ‘frozen’ appearance of some of the movie stars and celebs - which is usually a case of too much Botox.

What is the recovery time - when can I return to work or everyday activities?

Apart from the possibility of a bit of redness, minor swelling or slight bruising, there is no recovery time necessary and return to everyday activities can be immediate. You may be advised not to rub or massage the treated area or bend over for the first 24 hours and it’s a good idea to try to sleep upright for the first night or so.

It’s advised that if you do have Botox on your medical vacation, to have it done at the start of your stay because your doctor will want to check the results and add more if necessary.

What is the cost comparison of Botox in Phuket compared to Botox in Australia or New Zealand?

he average cost of a Botox in Phuket is around half the price than it is in Australia.

What now?

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