Breast Augmentation in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Augmentation in Bali

Last fact-checked: 28 October 2019

Looking for affordable breast augmentation in Bali? Discover quality-checked surgeons and first-rate facilities with Medical Departures.

If you’re bothered about the small size of your breasts, it's safe and straightforward to increase size with fat transfer or implants. Often just called a "boob job", this is a common procedure but still expensive – which is why traveling to Bali may well be an option you’d like to consider. You will save thousands, and even taking into account flights and accommodation costs and the cost of a holiday, you will still not pay anywhere near as much as you would at home. 

Why Should I Consider Breast Augmentation in Bali?

One of the reasons you may be looking at Bali for your breast augmentation is the cost. It is true that the surgery can cost around 70% less in Bali – which gives you plenty of money leftover to book that flight and accommodation.

However, it’s all very well making fantastic savings, but not at the expense of shoddy work that can affect your health. Remember it is your body, and you should treat it as well as you can. Don’t take pot-luck. Do your homework and find the best surgeon you can – one you feel comfortable with and whose credentials are verifiable.

The quality of healthcare in Bali is generally good. The Indonesian government has invested heavily in medical tourism, ensuring there are good quality hospitals and clinics – ones that have been accredited with prestigious international organizations, like the Joint Commission International, or the International Standards Organization.

When you book with Medical Departures you are assured that we have already done background checks on our listed clinics. We carry out legal/criminal checks, verify doctor qualifications, confirm professional memberships and do onsite visits. We also publish real patient reviews, clinic photos, maps, prices and more – all there to help you make your own choice, safe in the knowledge that your facility is trustworthy. 

Before or after your surgery, Bali offers a whole host of interesting places to see and things to do, from stunning beaches, unique wildlife, gorgeous beaches and its unique culture.

What Is the Procedure for Breast Augmentation and How Long Does it Take?

Breast augmentation surgery generally takes a couple of hours. If you want just a small increase in the size of your breasts then an autologous fat transfer procedure may be enough. This is where fat is removed from another part of the body via liposuction. After it is processed and cleansed it can be injected into the breasts.

Most people prefer to go up more than a cup size so you will need to choose the type and shape of the implant before your surgery. Your surgeon will discuss the options with you, as well as where incisions will be made to position the implants, based on personal preference and your particular anatomy. 

What Is the Recovery Time for Breast Augmentation?

The recovery time is fairly quick after a breast augmentation in comparison to other breast surgery treatments – and most people are back at work after a week or two.

Obviously, after surgery, you will feel tender and sore for a day or two, but do gentle stretching and moving around to reduce swelling and your recovery will be quicker. You should take things gently for a month and do no heavy lifting or vigorous activity for six weeks.

It will take around six month for you to heal completely inside and out. Scarring will fade from red to pink to white but be careful not to expose the scars to the sun else this could lead to hyperpigmentation.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Bali Compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Breast Augmentation in Bali costs around AUD $5,900 (NZD $6,000; $4,100 ; US $4,100 ; CAD $4,300, GBP £3,200, €3,700,) compared to in Australia where it’s AUD $15,000 (NZD $15,700; US$11,500 ; CAD $15,000, GBP £9,000, €10,700).

For exact prices, as well as photos, surgeon profiles and patient reviews, check out BIMC Hospital (Nusa Dua), our top listings in Bali for breast augmentation.

How Do I Book an Appointment for Breast Augmentation in Bali?

Easy – call our toll-free phone number, use the online chat or the online booking. Our Customer Care Team are always around to advise, answer your questions and give you a helping hand. Want to know the cost? Ask for a quote – it’s free. 


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