Breast Augmentation in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Augmentation in Malaysia

Last fact-checked: 24 October 2019

Want to increase the size of your breasts with breast augmentation? In Malaysia, our quality-checked doctors can help you achieve the look you want at a fraction of the cost you’d pay in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK and even the US.

Some of those savings will need to be put towards flights and accommodation, but in most cases, our clients end up making substantial net savings, even when squeezing in some sightseeing before surgery. Keep reading to discover how you can do it too with Medical Departures.

Why Have a "Boob Job"?

You may have always wanted a curvy figure to fill out a bra and show some cleavage, and a breast augmentation can do just that. After all, push-up bras, padded bras and bra liners can only do so much. When you look at your body in the mirror, you know what it is that you actually have.

The actual medical term for the procedure is "augmentation mammoplasty" but it's more commonly referred to as just a "boob job" or "implants". Whether you have always wanted to have a bigger chest, or are experiencing low self-esteem thanks to your size compared to other women, plastic surgery is a safe and effective way of getting bigger boobs. The procedure is sometimes also carried out to help counteract the effects of aging, i.e., sagging or the loss of perkiness after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Why Should You Check Out Malaysia for Breast Augmentation?

Malaysia is a great tourist destination, popularized by business travelers and holidaymakers from all over the world. It is also known for its superior medical facilities that make it a hub of medical tourism. It has a warm climate throughout the year, lots of attractions, including forests and reserves, and places open until early in the morning, particularly in the vibrant capital of Kuala Lumpur. It is also known for its world-class shopping malls and tasty local cuisine that combines flavors from all over Asia.

You can book a holiday in Malaysia and easily spend a week or two here exploring the country, with highlight destinations including KL, Penang, the Cameron Highlands and Melacca, just to name a few. After you've got your holiday activities out of the way, you can then head in for your breast augmentation surgery, following which you'll be able to recuperate in a luxurious-yet-affordable hotel before you head back home.

Malaysia also has world-class hospitals and clinics that deliver a high standard of medical care with English-speaking, so you will find no communication problems when booking through medical Departures.

Why Book Through Medical Departures Instead of Directly via a Hospital's or Doctor’s Website?

On websites, you have to go by whatever information there is, which can often be misleading, vague, untrustworthy or just lacking in terms of content. If you book through Medical Departures, however, you can be sure that we have done your homework for you. We make sure that the doctors have the proper accreditations, are well qualified and experienced and speak English. In fact, the majority of doctors have either carried out their complete medical qualifications in western countries or done some certifications, and many will be Joint Commission International-accredited.

We also make sure that the medical facilities are up to the mark in terms of equipment and hygiene levels. We may conduct patient interviews post-surgery to put an additional safety factor in place.

How Much Time Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Take and What Is the Recovery Period?

Breast augmentation surgery entails the use of implants. The surgeon makes incisions in various parts of the breasts, puts in the implants and sutures them together. Often the nipples and aureole also need to be positioned properly. The actual surgery takes two to three hours and is performed under general anesthesia.

Different types of implants are available and you can select the kind you want in consultation with the doctor. The implants may be made of saline, silicone or composite material. The shape and size also vary and you should also have some idea of the results you can expect. On average, the breast size can increase by two cups, though if you want bigger boobs, you can talk to the doctor about it. Also, if you still need to breastfeed, you let the doctor know about it as he has to do the surgery in a particular way so that this is possible.

Recovery can take three to six weeks, but you should be able to resume most normal activities after two weeks, though you will have certain restrictions. You will also have to wear special bras during this period.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Malaysia?

In Australia, as an example, breast augmentation can cost between AUD $10,000 and AUD $15,000, a sum that is not easily affordable for most people.

In Malaysia, however, similar surgery will cost a fraction of the price at around AUD $5,000.

These are approximate prices; for more up-to-date prices, as well as before and after photos, surgeon profiles and patient reviews, take a look through these leading facilities in Malaysia for breast augmentation:

Booking an Appointment

First, find out more and search our listings for Malaysian surgeons and clinics.

See below for how to book your free appointment or get in touch with Customer Care who can answer any question you may have about breast augmentation in Malaysia.


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