Breast Augmentation in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Augmentation in Thailand

Last fact-checked: 12 January 2020

Wondering if you should consider breast augmentation in Thailand? Medical Departures gives you the low-down on why Thailand makes such a great destination for surgery, as well as some recommended, quality-checked clinics and price comparisons.

What Is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery (also known as breast enlargement, implants, augmentation mammoplasty, or informally, a “boob job”) is one of the most sought-after and popular procedures around the world. It can restore self-image and confidence after a mastectomy, or simply boost your bust size if you’ve long been conscious about having a flat chest. 

It is often carried out in combination with a breast lift to give you a perkier, more youthful figure.

Why Undergo Breast Augmentation in Thailand?

Thailand is probably the number one destination in the world for medical and cosmetic tourism – and for good reason. Its facilities are among the most modern on the planet, with state-of-the-art hospitals equipped with the latest technology.

It was the first country in Asia to receive Joint Commission International accreditation, and there are now dozens of facilities throughout the country that have been awarded this highly sought-after endorsement of quality. We have partnered with many of these, which you can find amongst our full list of verified clinics and hospitals in Thailand here

Medical education in Thailand is exceptionally good and because there are limited places in Thai medical schools, entrance standards are high. Medical school lasts six years, after which surgeons and doctors have to undertake a one or two-year internship; only then can a graduate apply for a hospital residency in their chosen specialist field. The residency takes an additional six or seven years and successful completion of board exams before they can call themselves a board certificated plastic surgeon.

Booking with Medical Departures

It pays to ensure you are treated by a reputable surgeon whose qualifications and experience are measurable. Medical Departures performs background checks on all doctors listed on our site, confirming professional memberships, qualifications and experience. We also publish real patient reviews, high-definition photos and virtual clinic tours on our website so you can decide if a particular surgeon or clinic is right for you.

To get an idea, get started now by checking out these three leading facilities in Thailand that offer breast augmentation to international patients: 

Please note: the above hospitals and clinics are all based in Bangkok. However, Medical Departures has partnered with dozens of other facilities throughout the country in locations including Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. Find our full list of Thai breast augmentation clinics here

What Does a Breast Augmentation Entail and When Can I Go Back to Work?

First, you’ll have an initial consultation at your chosen clinic in Thailand. The actual procedure involves incisions being made into which the implants are inserted. Your surgeon will discuss with you beforehand where these will be, along with the type of implant, eg. silicone, saline or otherwise. Incisions can be:

  • Periareolar (the dark area surrounding the nipple) 

  • Inframammary (underneath the breast in the crease which joins the chest wall)

  • Transaxillary (under the armpit)

The procedure usually takes between one and two hours to carry out, although you may well spend the best part of a day at the hospital before you can head back to your hotel. Recovery time for breast augmentation is quite quick compared to other plastic surgery procedures, and most people are back at work within a week, although it will take around six weeks before you can engage in any sports or strenuous activities.

How Much Can I Save on a Breast Lift in Thailand Compared to Australia?

Breast implants in Thailand cost on average AUD $3,800 (US $2,600, CAD $3,400, £1,700 GBP, €2,300). This can be compared to an average price of AUD $6,500 (US $4,500, CAD $6,000, £3,000 GBP, €4,000) in Australia.

[Please note that these are approximate, averages prices collated at the time of writing.]

How Do I Get Started?

If you're ready to book breast augmentation in Thailand, or would like a chat with our Customer Care Team, see below for a number of convenient ways to contact us.


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