Breast Enlargement in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Enlargement in Bali

Want bigger boobs at a price you can actually afford? Forget about surgery at home and opt for the sun-kissed Indonesian island of Bali – a tropical paradise where you can undergo breast enlargement surgery for substantially less.

Bali has become a popular medical tourism destination – and it is little wonder. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to enjoy a week or two in the sun while getting the breasts they’ve always wanted – and all for less than they’d pay at home?

No longer the preserve of the rich and famous, almost anyone in good health can change their shape of the body with plastic surgery – and Bali offers highly-skilled surgeons, modern hospitals with contemporary facilities and a stunning location.

Why Should I Consider Breast Enlargement in Bali?

The cost of breast augmentation surgery may well be off-putting at home. However, Bali prices are considerably less – for most people by around 65% less – a huge saving, and one that will still leave you with cash to spare even after paying flight and accommodation costs.

You may be thinking that it’s all very well saving money, but the quality is likely to be lower too. In fact, this is generally not the case. Tourism in Bali is well-established and there is a good infrastructure in place. Medical tourism has, naturally, piggy-backed onto this solid base and the hospitals and healthcare facilities on the island offered to medical tourists are contemporary, modern and very likely to exceed the expectations of overseas clients. 

It is not just the facilities that are of a top standard; the staff are highly trained and able to carry out the same procedures that other medical teams across the world do. You will find that surgeons are likely to be members of international professional organizations, like ISAPS.

We understand that undertaking any kind of medical or surgical procedure abroad is daunting. Just where do you begin to find out what places provide reliable services? We make it easier for everyone. You can search our site for your procedure and preferred location, and you will find clinic listings offering what you want. You can then look at each individual listing and compare prices, view patient reviews, look at before and after photos and much more.

But that’s not all. You can choose safely in the knowledge that Medical Departures has already performed our own background checks and verified their reliability. So – you can relax and enjoy everything Bali has to offer – perhaps you’d like to explore the island before your surgery, and take advantage of its spas and tranquil locations where you can actually enjoy your post-surgery recovery?

What Is the Procedure for Breast Enlargement?

The techniques used for breast enlargement do vary, for instance:

  • Autologous fat transfer – where unwanted fat from one part of the body is removed by liposuction and processed. It is then re-injected into the breasts to add volume. This procedure is only suitable for small breasts if you only want to go up a cup size 
  • Implants – this is the preferred method used all around the world, including in Bali. Your surgeon will discuss this aspect with you during your consultation, finding out what size you would like to increase to, and the shape you’d prefer.

The actual procedure only takes a couple of hours. An incision will be made under the breast so the surgeon can gain access to the breast tissue. A pocket is made to insert the implants and the wound is stitched closed. Dressings or bandages are applied.

What Is the Recovery Time for Breast Augmentation?

The recovery time is reasonably quick and many people find they can go back to work in a week.

Important things to note about your post-surgery recovery:

  • Expect to be stiff and sore for several days after the procedure.
  • Although you may not feel like it, gentle stretching and keeping active will help to ease the swelling, and so speed up your recovery time.
  • You will be asked to refrain from indulging in vigorous activities for about six weeks, and it could take around 6 months before your body is completely healed both inside and out.

How Much Can I Save on Breast Enlargement in Bali Compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Breast enlargement in Bali costs AUD $5,900 (NZD $6,000; US $4,100; CAD $4,300; UK £3,200; EURO €3,700).

This can be compared to Australia where prices are around AUD $15,000 (NZD $15,700; US $11,500; CAD $15,000; UK £9,000; EURO €10,700).

Please note: These are estimated prices at the time of writing. Check out updated prices, as well as photos, surgeon profiles, patient testimonials and more at BIMC Hospital (Nusa Dua), one of our leading partner facilities that offers breast enlargement procedures in Bali.

How Do I Get Started?

Check out our recommended facility above and book your free appointment directly online. Booking with Medical Departures ensures you pay the best prices online and get round-the-clock access to our Customer Care Team, who can help with any aspect of your trip abroad.

If you’d like to discuss breast enlargement in Bali, you can also reach our team for free via phone, email or online chat.


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