Breast Enlargement in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Enlargement in South Korea

Looking for affordable Breast Enlargements? In South Korea you’ll find top-quality clinics and surgeons renowned the world over, and save enough money to enjoy a fabulous holiday in this wonderful destination.

South Korea may not be as popular as some of its neighbors as a Western tourist destination, but it offers just as much in terms of culture, scenery and tourist attractions. The heady excitement of Seoul – a 21st century city where you’ll never be stuck for things to see and do; stunning coastlines, breathtaking landscapes and a unique cultural identity makes it a winner for those wanting to do something a bit off-the-beaten-track.

Why should I get a Breast Enlargement in South Korea?

Most people considering cosmetic surgery abroad usually do so because of the prices. For Westerners, traveling to Asia can often result in them making savings of at least 50% - and in most cases it can be considerably more, especially if you time it right and get a good deal on flights and accommodation. For many, the allure of a relaxing holiday and being able to recuperate in luxury is a no-brainer.

Although many people will experience some feelings of trepidation about having surgery overseas, but the fact is that if you choose with some due diligence, there is no reason that your surgery won’t go without a hitch. Sure, the prices are a lot lower, but that isn’t because the expertise is inferior – it is simply because the cost of living is so much less.

In many ways South Korea is ahead of the game when it comes to new technologies and ground-breaking techniques and products, and this goes just as much for its healthcare services as for anything else. The country is one of the few in the world where high-speed internet is available everywhere and it it is the home of technology giant, Samsung.

South Korea has a worldwide reputation for producing innovative skin care products and regimes. South Koreans like to look good, and there is a huge industry that caters for them – you’ll find beauty clinics on practically every street corner offering wonderful (and sometimes weird) beauty innovations. The need to present yourself in the best way you can is part of the cultural identity, and it isn’t considered unusual in the slightest for South Koreans to have plastic surgery to meet this ideal. The country has the highest ratio of plastic surgery procedures per capita than anywhere else in the world. From this we should take it that plastic surgeons in South Korea are highly experienced.

We wouldn’t recommend that you book in with a plastic surgeon without doing some background-checks yourself. This isn’t so easy to do when you’re in another country, which is why we collate the essential information on our website.

Our listings contain clinic photos and details of surgeons, their qualifications and professional memberships. We also list prices and publish patient testimonials, giving you a real overview of what to expect. Our Customer Care team are also available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, and to talk you through the booking process – you certainly don’t have to do it alone.

What’s involved in a Breast Enlargement procedure and how long does it take?

Before your surgery you will have a consultation with your surgeon who will discuss your aspirations. Most breast enlargements are usually done with implants, and there are different types available, as well as different shapes, so this will all be decided upon before your surgery.

There are also different surgical techniques used to insert the implants and, again, your surgeon should let you know what type of incisions will be made – some are made around the colored area of the nipple; some under the armpit and some under the breast.

The surgery should take 1-2 hours if you are having implants.

There is another option, but this is generally if you have small breasts and only want to go up a size – and that is when fat is taken from another part of your body and transferred to the breasts (after cleansing).

What is the recovery time for Breast Enlargements?

After any surgery you will feel tender and stiff, but breast enlargements don’t have a huge amount of downtime in comparison to some surgery. In fact, many people are back at work within a week.

You will need to take things easy, of course, and keep bending, over-stretching and lifting to a minimum for a couple of weeks, and avoiding strenuous activities for 6 weeks.

What is the cost comparison of Breast Enlargements in South Korea?

Breast Enlargements in South Korea cost around AUD $9,165 (US $6,585; CAN $8,595; UK £4,500; EURO €5,912) compared to AUD $16,497 (US $11,854; CAN $15,471; UK £8,100, EURO €10,642) in Australia.

How do I book?

Check out our listings and compare prices.

See below if you’d like to arrange your appointment, or get in touch with our Customer Care Team if you want to know anything else about Breast Enlargements in South Korea.



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