Breast Lift in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Lift in Mexico City

Last fact-checked: 20  October 2020

No longer feeling confident with the look of your breasts? Undertaking breast lift surgery in Mexico City will deliver impressive results and offers a more economic option compared to having this same procedure carried out back home. 

Breast lifts, technically called a mastopexy, are surgical procedures that change the shape and position of the breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping tissue to restore firmness. Breast lifts do not change the size of the breasts, although they are sometimes performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast reduction to increase or decrease the size.

Why Should I Consider Breast Lift Surgery in Mexico City?

In recent years, Mexico has become particularly popular for medical tourists from North America who are able to fly or even drive south over the border. There are several reasons for this, including much lower prices, a high standard of care with JCI-accredited facilities and increased awareness of the overall benefits that medical tourism offers. 

In terms of prices, having a procedure such as a breast lift carried out in Mexico City can save patients at least 50 percent. Likewise traveling and living expenses are much more affordable over the border, making it possible to save thousands of dollars even when factoring in travel-related costs.

With a trip to Mexico City, you can also squeeze in some sightseeing before your surgery and then take things easy during the following days before your trip home. See a list of things to do in Mexico City here

What Does a Breast Lift Involve?

Before your procedure, your surgeon will review your medical history, perform a physical examination and discuss in detail what your expectations are. Your doctor will also perform a mammogram before and after the surgery to compare the breast tissue. 

Depending on each case, breast lift surgery can be carried out either with local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia.

There are different surgical techniques for a breast lift that involve different types (and positions) of the incisions. These can be made around the nipple, from the nipple down to the breast creases or across the breast creases. If needed, your surgeon can reduce the size of your areola and shift the position of the nipples.

Breast lift surgery usually takes around two to three hours to perform.

After the procedure, the breasts are covered in gauze and you will be given a special support bra to wear. Occasionally, small tubes are placed at the incision sites to drain any excess blood or fluids. You will be able to notice an immediate change in the appearance of your breasts, although the shape will continue to settle in position over the next few months.

What Is the Recovery Time and What Are the Side Effects?

You will notice that your breasts will be swollen and slightly bruised after the surgery and this can last up to two weeks and pain medication is normally prescribed to treat any discomfort. You will also be given instructions on how to care for incision marks.

As each case is different, you should ask your doctor when you can resume daily activities such as showering and bathing. You will be advised to avoid bending, straining and lifting for at least two weeks after surgery and to also sleep on your back to avoid putting stress on your breasts.

Difficulty in breastfeeding can occur for some women, but most patients face no issues after breast lift surgery. If you are considering having implants, you can learn more about breastfeeding and breast augmentation surgery here

Who Is Suitable for this Surgery?

Breast lift surgery is especially beneficial for:

  • Women whose breasts have started to sag as they lose elasticity and firmness as we get older.
  • Women who have been breastfeeding and feel their breasts have lost their shape.
  • Women who feel their breasts are uneven or at uneven heights.

Note: If you are considering getting pregnant in the near future, then you should leave the surgery until you are done having children as pregnancy causes breasts to stretch and this can negate the effects of the surgery.

How Much Can I Save on a Breast Lift in Mexico City Compared to the US and Canada?

The average cost of Breast Lifts in Mexico City is around $4,000 (CAN $5,500, UK £2,800, EUR €3,600, AUS $5,600), compared to around $ 11,000 in the United States (CAN $15,200, UK£7,600 , EUR €9,800, AUS $15,400).

These are estimated figures at the time of writing. To see some of the latest prices on offer, take a look at these top clinics in Mexico City for breast lifts:

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We also publish past patient reviews and clinic photos on our site. If we’re not totally satisfied with the quality, you won’t find that clinic in our listings.

Take a look through our list of MD-verified breast lift clinics in Mexico City here

How Do I Book My Breast Lift in Mexico City?

Browse through our range of clinics and book your free appointment directly through our site. For more details about undertaking breast lift surgery abroad, simply get in touch with our Customer Care Team via our toll-free number. Or if you are ready to book your appointment, you can do so right here any time of the day or night, at no charge to you.


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