Breast Lift in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Lift in South Korea

Last fact-checked: 4 March 2020

Looking to save on the price of surgery while getting to exploring a fascinating new country at the same time? A breast lift in South Korea could be the answer for those desiring a more shapely chest.

South Korea is renowned for cosmetic and plastic surgery and is well worth considering as a destination if you’re looking at combining your surgery with a holiday beforehand, or a relaxing recovery post-op. 

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Is a Breast Lift for Me?

As we age, everything begins to head south, and pregnancy or weight loss can also have this effect on the breasts as well. A breast lift is suitable if you don’t want to dramatically increase your bust size, but rather want them lifted higher up to create a perkier appearance. 

You will need to be in good health, have realistic expectations and not planning to breastfeed in the next few years. Do consult with a doctor beforehand who will be able to confirm your suitability.

Why Should I Consider Breast Lift Surgery in South Korea?

South Korea offers everything for the modern traveler–from lively cities to tranquil countryside and glorious beaches. Its cities are modern, but retain many aspects of traditional culture, with plenty going on to keep most visitors entertained, and a variety of options for pre and post-surgery relaxation.

For medical tourists, the capital city of Seoul is one of the hotspots in Asia, especially visitors from China, Russia and Japan, but it is also starting to attract Americans, in part because of the US military that has been a presence here for almost 60 years.

Plastic surgery is almost a way of life here, at least in the big cities. Clinics are prominently advertised on billboards and it isn’t unusual to see bandaged and bruised faces on the commute to work. It isn’t something to be frowned upon or hidden away but is almost seen as a right of passage with teenagers clamoring for the first plastic surgery job to keep up with their friends.

Consequently, Korea has seen a proliferation of plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery facilities, and the surgeons here have earned reputations for clinical excellence gained through experience as well as their qualifications, certifications and professional memberships of international plastic surgery organizations.

For patients booking through Medical Departures, we offer surgeons whose credentials are verifiable through our own thorough background checks. This includes legal and criminal, as well as confirming qualifications and professional memberships. We visit clinics personally and publish high definition clinic photos, virtual tours and real patient testimonials on our website, which are freely accessible and allow patients to peruse all pertinent information in one convenient place.

You can also ask us for a free quote to compare prices–another reason why South Korea is so popular, as prices are extremely competitive.

How Long Does the Breast Lift Procedure Take and What Is the Recovery Time?

Surgery usually takes between one and three hours and is usually performed as an out-patient procedure, meaning you need not stay in hospital overnight.

There are a number of ways to perform breast lifts and the exact technique used will be dictated to partly dictated by your surgeon’s preference, and your own individual circumstances.

Incisions may be made around the areola (the colored part of the nipple), and/or underneath the breast and this is where the loose skin will be removed from. The areola may be positioned higher up the chest wall, and the size may be reduced to suit the new size of the breasts. When your surgeon is happy, the incisions will be stitched over.

What Is the Recovery Time for a Breast Lift?

Breast lifts generally have a shorter recovery time than other cosmetic surgery options. You will experience stiffness and discomfort immediately afterward, but this will begin to subside after a few days. You should move gently at first, and refrain from lifting or over-stretching. You should be able to resume everyday activities after a couple of weeks, but vigorous exercise and heavy lifting will need to be avoided for six weeks.

How Much Can I Save on Breast Lift in South Korea Compared to Australia and New Zealand?

In South Korea, you can save up to 50% on the cost of breast lifts compared to Australia.

To see current prices at our top partner clinics in South Korea, check out these clinics offering breast lifts to international patients: 

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