Breast Lift in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Lift in Chiang Mai

Last fact-checked: 23 August 2020

If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery abroad, a breast lift in Chiang Mai could be a good place to start. To help you avoid pitfalls, we have gathered enough information and listed on our site the highest quality facilities in Chiang Mai.

Booking with us also guarantees the best prices online—saving you up to 70% throughout Thailand. 

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, corrects sagging or uneven breasts by improving their shape and position. Excess skin is often removed, and the surrounding tissues tightened and reshaped to bring back the perkier, more vibrant breasts you have always desired. The surgery also addresses drooping nipples, decreased breast volume and stretched areola (the darker area surrounding the nipples).

Before considering a breast lift in Chiang Mai, you must be in good standing health.

The only way to confirm if a breast lift is right for you is to consult with a qualified surgeon. However, women with the following desires and conditions can benefit from a breast lift:

  • If you want to restore your breasts' shape following pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • If your breasts are asymmetrical or unusually shaped
  • If you want to improve your breasts contours after significant weight loss
  • If your nipples seem to be pointing downwards
  • If your areola sits below the crease underneath your breasts

Why Consider a Breast Lift in Chiang Mai?

If you want to go up or down a cup size or two, a breast lift alone is not the answer. It can give you perky, youthful breasts, but if you want larger or smaller breasts, a breast lift together with a breast augmentation or reduction may be the right option for you. It is, therefore, important to do some research or consult with your physician to find out what you are comfortable with and what end results you want to achieve.

For patients who find the costs in their home country prohibitive, Chiang Mai makes a great alternative, especially if you book with Medical Departures. You can save up to 70% on your breast lift—a sum you can use on other surgeries like breast augmentation or reduction. 

Thailand is the world’s most-traveled medical tourism destination and has more JCI accredited facilities than any other country in Asia. That tells you that professionalism, technology, and techniques used are up to the standards as required by international organizations.

Booking with Medical Departures

Finding a doctor or a clinic with a good reputation can be a struggle, especially when you are trying to do it from thousands of miles away. Medical Departures makes this process easier on your nerves—saving you not only money but also time.

We list only high-performing, safe hospitals on our site that have all gone through a vetting process with regard to their qualifications and memberships, online reputation, and criminal/legal status. We also visit most of our clinics every year to familiarize ourselves with how they carry out their activities.

For breast surgeries in Chiang Mai, check out the recommended DIAA Aesthetic Clinic and lock in the best prices with Medical Departures. 

How Much Can I Save on a Breast Lift in Chiang Mai Compared to Australia?

In Chiang Mai, breast lift prices start from as little as $2,300 (AUD $3100, Euro €2100, UK £1650) and this goes up to $5,000 (AUD 6750, UK £3550, Euro €4550). In Australia, patients can pay as much as AUD $15800 ($11750, Euro €10700, UK 8250) for the same procedure. 

[Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing.]

How Do I Get Started?

Medical Departures' Customer Care Team can be reached 24 hours a day; ask them about breast lifts in Chiang Mai or anywhere else in the world—and look forward to perkier breasts for far less than you'd pay at home. 


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