Breast Lift in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Lift in Pattaya

Last fact-checked: 28 September 2020

Consider a breast lift in Pattaya, Thailand to enhance the look of your bust while saving thousands compared to surgery back home.

As we all age, things generally start to head south—and the breasts are one of the first parts of the body to be affected by that pesky thing called gravity.

If you're fed-up of wearing underwire and support bras constantly, having a breast lift (mastopexy) abroad may be just the answer, with prices in Thailand being considerably less—plus you get to have a holiday, too!

Specifically, your breasts can sag due to:

  • Post-pregnancy nursing that can leave breasts looking pendulous
  • Weight gain or weight loss (or cycles of both)
  • Aging
  • Gravity
  • Heredity reasons
  • Loss of volume in the breasts, leaving very soft breasts

A breast lift really is the only way to restore perkiness, and this can also be combined with implants if you want to achieve a larger cup size. 

Why Get a Breast Lift in Pattaya?

As an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism, Pattaya is home to state-of-the-art medical facilities, expert cosmetic surgeons and excellent healthcare infrastructure to accommodate visitors of all kinds. 

With the Thai capital, Bangkok, only 90 minutes away on the highway, this seaside city is an easy-to-reach destination for Australians and Kiwis while most major European cities have direct daily flights in Thailand. 

As well as the chance to enjoy a holiday, the main reason people consider any medical travel is the price; in Pattaya, it's possible to save between 50% and 70% on all kinds of procedures, including breast lifts.

Why Use Medical Departures to Book Your Breast Lift?

While you can book on your own, using Medical Departures provides an added layer of protection as we have thoroughly backgrounded check all of the facilities listed on our site. Our checks include:

  • Searching criminal/legal records
  • Collating and publishing authenticated patient reviews
  • Verifying doctor and surgeon qualifications
  • Confirming professional memberships
When booking with Medical Departures, you are also assured of the best prices online, as well as 24/7 customer service and assistance with other aspects of your medical trip such as insurance, hotel bookings, and finance. 

What Does Breast Lift Surgery Entail and How Long Is the Recovery Time?

Breast lift surgery is a relatively simple procedure and can even be performed on an outpatient basis, usually taking an hour or two. Depending on the kind of incisions the surgeon uses and the amount of work required, you may have a hospital stay for a day.

Often the incisions are made under the breasts, the excess skin cut off and the rest of the skin sutured so that the scars are minimally visible. The nipples and areolas are also repositioned if required.

There are varying techniques used for breast lift surgery and you and your surgeon will decide upon the best course of action during an initial consultation. You also have the option of combining breast lift surgery with breast enlargement (with implants) or breast reduction surgery if you want to. It should be noted that a breast lift alone does not increase the size.

Afterward, you will have drains put in for one or two days along with bandages. It is advisable to rest for a week and avoid any strenuous activities. After a week you should be able to get back to work. Bruising and swelling will go down in six weeks.

How Much Can I Save on the Cost of a Breast Lift in Pattaya

The cost of breast lift surgery in Australia will range from AUD 6,000 and AUD 10,000. If you combine it with augmentation or reduction, costs will add up to even more.

In Pattaya, the same procedure will cost significantly less; at one of our partner clinics, you can pay as little as AUD 5,000. Take a look now at some of our top-rated facilities for breast lift surgery:

Getting Started

Browse our verified Pattaya clinics, compare prices and read past patient reviews before booking your trip to Thailand.

If you’re ready to book a breast lift in Pattaya, see below for ways to get in touch with Medical Departures to arrange your appointment.


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