Breast Reduction in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Reduction in Malaysia

A breast reduction in Malaysia can help you if you have always wanted your breasts to be smaller and are looking at more affordable options than the prices at home.

Women with big breasts have to contend with many problems, physical, psychological and emotional. When you have big breasts as a youngster you may face people staring at you, have back pain, not find clothes that fit and even feel embarrassed to flaunt your figure. Older women may develop big breasts thanks to weight gain, pregnancy or breast-feeding.

You may have big breasts with a petite figure or you may have a big frame. Do you know with breast reduction surgery, you immediately lose weight as doctors can take off as much as 500-550 grams from each breast? You will look and feel slimmer and also find bras that fit well and wear the clothes you always wanted to.

Why should you get a breast reduction in Malaysia?

Aesthetic surgery is an elective procedure. In Australia it comes with a high cost unless you can show that you have medical reasons for the surgery and, even then, insurance will pay only part of the cost. For a very reasonable price, you can get the same surgery done in Malaysia and plan a holiday there at that time.
Malaysia is a beautiful and advanced country with skyscrapers and a vibrant night life. There is loads of shopping to do here as well. If you are beach person, you can go a beach place in Malaysia. If you love gambling, you can visit the casinos at Genting resort. You need not have any reservations about the medical care in Malaysia. The doctors are well trained, often qualified abroad, and the medical facilities are modern and at par with the best, with many being Joint Commission International accredited. Most importantly, everyone speaks English, so there are no communication problems.

Is it not possible to simply book on your own?

As an Australian, Malaysia is a foreign country to you. As such, with no experience of the country, some of your apprehensions of the quality of medical care may be well-founded, especially if you simply go by testimonials on a web site or the appearance of a good web site. But if you book through Medical Departures you can be sure that we have carried out the required investigations.

We check out the dcotors’ credentials and experience, the facilities available at the clinics and hospitals, the equipment there and the communication skills of the staff. This provides you with a safety factor when you book through us. And we simply don’t list clinics that don’t meet our high standards.

What is the time frame for the surgery and the recovery time afterwards?

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty as it is medically known is a somewhat lengthy procedure. It really depends on the shape and size of your breasts and where the doctor intends to place the incisions as there are many different ways to do so. The surgeon has to cut, remove tissue and fat, restructure the breasts and sew them back together. Usually this entails that the nipples have to be repositioned as well. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes between three and five hours. Most likely it entails an overnight hospital stay.

After the surgery you will be bandaged up and will probably have drains. You will be advised pain killers and some activity restrictions. You should estimate a downtime of at least two to three weeks, depending on the pain and restrictions you have. After that you will be able to resume work, but complete recovery will take around six weeks.

What is the cost of breast reduction surgery in Malaysia?

In Australia breast reduction mammoplasty will cost you between AUD 12,000 and AUD 18,000. If you are fortunate enough to get some insurance, you may get only 50 percent of the amount. For less than you can have surgery without the red tape in Malaysia. You will pay around AUD 3,000 to AUD 4,500 for the breast reduction surgery in Malaysia.

What now?

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