Breast Revision in Costa Rica

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Revision in Costa Rica

Having any problem with your breast implants? A breast revision in Costa Rica may be the solution. If your implants have deflated or leaked; if your breasts look asymmetric; if the implants have shifted position; if you have implant rippling; if you have lost or gained weight; if you want a change in size or you have capsular contracture, you may need breast revision surgery. You may want a breast lift at the same time if the problem cannot be addressed by changing the implants.

It does not matter where you had the original surgery, you can have breast revision in Costa Rica as the surgeons are very experienced in this procedure. There is no point in putting off this surgery, particularly if you feel uncomfortable and don’t like the way you look.

Why consider breast revision in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is located in Central America, and is famed for its medical facilities and its ecotourism. There are many things to see and do in this country and you can easily combine a holiday with your plastic surgery. The country borders the Caribbean and the Pacific, so has many beaches in different areas. More than that, it has a vast variety - when compared to its land mass - of biodiversity and green cover.

In fact, Costa Rica welcomes thousands of tourists and medical tourists who enjoy both a vacation and cosmetic surgery at reasonable rates. The country is big enough to embrace all kinds of tourists including beach lovers, who can laze on the beaches, indulge in water sports like fishing, diving, swimming, snorkeling and more and see whales and dolphins. For the nature lover it has exotic wildlife and tropical flora and fauna, orchids, crocodiles, turtles, butterflies and exotic birds thanks to the natural rain forests in the country.

The country also has many volcanoes and parks and nature reserves. Among the places to visit are UNESCO world heritage places like Cocos Island, Area de Conservación Guanacaste and La Amistad International Park.

You can choose to go to San Jose, the capital of the country or one of the other places that are popular with medical tourists like Liberia, Guanacaste, Tibas, Escazu or Santa Ana. The country has two international airports, the Juan Santamaria International Airport and the Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia, making connectivity and even internal travel much easier. As for medical facilities, there are three JCI accredited hospitals.

While there are good quality hotels at different price points that will take good care of you, you can even choose to rest and recuperate in a surgical recovery retreat and get taken care of in luxurious surroundings while waiting for clearance to go back home. You may have to wait for stitches to be removed or follow-up appointments at the medical facility.

Why is it advisable to book with Medical Departures?

If you want safety, the best price guarantee and good quality amenities, you should book with Medical Departures. We ensure safety because we carry out in-depth investigations into the qualifications and experience of the doctors and even their credentials, making sure that they are affiliated to a reputable international organization. We also check that the medical centers have good quality amenities. We offer the best price guarantee as well. So you have many advantages.

How long does breast revision take and what is the downtime associated with it?

As breast revision may involve just change of implants or other procedures as well, the time taken can vary from one hour to two and a half hours. It may be done under local or general anesthesia and depending on what your doctor says, you may want to leave after you have recovered if medically advised, or stay overnight in hospital.

You will have sutures and be on antibiotics and painkillers. You will probably have bandages and drains and may need to wear a surgical bra or compression garments. You can estimate a recovery period of a week to ten days. You will also need to sleep with your upper body somewhat elevated and have limited movement in your arms for some time. You can expect that it will take six to eight weeks for recovery. 

How much does breast revision in Costa Rica cost?

Breast revision surgery in the U.S. is $10,500 (CAD $13,700, UK £8,300, EURO €9,900, AUD $13,700, NZD $14,600). In Costa Rica, breast revisions cost an average of US $4,200 (CAD 5,500, UK £3,300, EURO €3,900, AUD $5,400, NZD $5,800).

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