Breast Revision in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Revision in South Korea

Planning on having your breast implants removed? Why not consider Breast Revisions in South Korea – a country that is one of the world’s biggest plastic surgery hotspots?

There may be any number of reasons why you are looking at getting your implants removed – maybe you just want a change, maybe you are worried about the safety aspects, or maybe something has gone wrong. Whatever the reason, in South Korea cosmetic surgery is practically part of the culture so you’ll have no problem finding a good quality, skilled surgeon at a price considerably less than you’d pay back home.

Why have a breast revision in South Korea?

In South Korea, cosmetic surgery is very popular, not just in terms of the national population, but also in terms of international patients traveling here from overseas. Although statistics vary widely, it is estimated between 24-50% of the population of have had some form of cosmetic surgery, which for a population of 50 million is some statistic.

With this amount of people undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgery, you would assume that healthcare facilities are of a good standard, and this is generally the case.

Medical facilities are typically of a high-quality. This is a high-tech country, and the hospitals and clinics are likely to be fitted out with the most up-to-date equipment - in fact South Korea has more MRI and 3D/CT scanners that other countries, including Germany and the UK. Clinics are, as you would expect, hygienic, meeting international standards.

Clinics treating international patients tend to have English speaking staff, with many doctors having trained abroad, particularly in the United States. We know it isn’t always easy to find out information, such as doctor qualifications, which is why Medical Departures have found this out for you.

Our listings contain doctor qualifications, professional memberships and high-definition clinic photographs, alongside real patient reviews and other information to allow you to get a good overview of the doctor and clinic you are interested in. This is so important as you want to make sure that your surgeon in South Korea has the requisite experience in breast reduction surgery, and the only way to make sure of this is to do your own research.

What is the procedure for Breast Revision in South Korea?

Most breast revision procedures take between 1 and 3 hours, but the time can vary depending on whether you are having a like-for-like swap of the same size implant, if the breast pocket needs adjusting to accommodate a different sized implant or if there are other problems such as manipulating old scar tissue.

The procedure is done under a general anesthetic and any new incisions will be made over the existing scars. Old implants will be removed through these openings, and the new ones inserted through the same wound. Surgery to adjust the size of the breast pockets to hold the implants will also be made through these wounds. When everything is finished they’ll be stitched closed and left to heal.

What is the cost of breast revision surgery in South Korea compared to Australia?

Breast revision surgery is around 50% of the price in South Korea as it is in Australia.

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