Butt Implants in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Implants in Mexico

Last fact-checked: 15 July 2020

Get a fuller figure with butt implants in Mexico. Our quality-checked surgeons in Mexico will help you achieve that fuller, more voluptuous look, giving you the ample figure you desire!

Butt implant surgery is popular among women who have lost weight and want to add some shape. Or, if things have started to sag a little as time and gravity take their toll, this is a great solution to restore volume—giving you back that sexy hourglass figure.

Why Have Butt Implants in Mexico?

It’s no surprise that the primary reason people come to Mexico for butt implants, as well as dozens of other types of cosmetic surgery, is the low cost. Compared to prices in developed nations such as the US, Canada, and parts of Europe, average savings of 60% can be made on treatment in Mexico.

Despite the low cost of surgery in Mexico, the quality provided is comparable to that of reputable institutions in developed countries. Our listed facilities are modern, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the materials used are the same high-quality, branded products found the world over.

Just as in the United States, doctors in Mexico's best clinics undergo years of training, while specialists, such as plastic surgeons, must undertake several years of further training. A good percentage have trained in the United States and have affiliations with American surgical boards. You won’t experience communication issues as our partner doctors and surgeons who speak fluent English.

Why Book with medical Departures?

It is always worth taking the time to research your prospective surgeon and clinic before you book. While your internet search engine might seem like a good place to start, not everything you read online can be trusted, particularly when it’s written by the management of a particular clinic where information is often exaggerated or falsified. 

When booking with Medical Departures, you can arrange an appointment in full confidence that your chosen clinic has been background-checked by our professional team. We also publish surgeon profiles, authentic before-and-after photos, price lists and real patient reviews

Take advantage of our best price guarantee with any of these top clinics in Mexico for butt implants: 

How Long Is the Butt Implants Procedure and When Can I Go Back to Work?

This depends on a number of factors; for example, if the procedure involves injecting fat into the buttocks, this will need to be harvested from another part of your body (known as the Brazilian Butt Lift) and will obviously take longer. In general, the procedure can take between two and five hours.

You will need to lie in your stomach rather than sit down for at least three days post-treatment. Make sure you have a soft cushion or memory foam pillow to use when you eventually can sit down. Most people return to work after around two weeks.

How Much Can I Save on Butt Implants in Mexico Compared to the United States?

Butt implants in Mexico cost on average $4,000 compared to $8,000 in the United States.

Medical Departures can help you save around 50% on your butt implant surgery in Mexico at our quality-checked clinics.

What next?

The Medical Departures Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and additional information about butt implants in Mexico. Or if you are ready to book your appointment you can do so right here any time of the day or night, at no charge to you.


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