Butt Implants in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Implants in Bangkok

Last fact-checked: 13 July 2020

Get a curvier derriere at an affordable price with butt implants in Bangkok. Shapely bottoms are sought after around the world, with celebs such as Kim Kardashian and J-Lo helping to put voluptuous figures back in fashion

Find quality-checked surgeons in Bangkok who can help you achieve this desirable look for considerably less than you’d pay at home.

Am I Suitable for Implants?

If you have a small, flat bottom, butt implants can lift and enhance it, making it more rounded and helping you to achieve an hour-glass figure. The procedure adds volume, which can be created by injecting unwanted fat from another area (known as a Brazilian Butt Lift) or by using implants. 

Some people who have had a gluteoplasty—a butt procedure that removes loose or sagging skin—may also opt for butt implants to give them that much-needed boost.

Why Have Butt Implants in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a premier destination for medical tourists, with a growing number of people each year traveling from around the world to undergo surgery in the Thai capital’s state-of-the-art facilities, including specialist clinics and internationally-renowned JCI-affiliated hospitals

As a medical tourism destination, it has a glowing reputation in terms of the quality of its patient care, consistent delivery of outstanding results and prices that are often thousands less than back home. As outlined further down, you’ll see that a butt implant is one such procedure that patients can easily save four figures on when flying from Australia, Europe or other Asian countries. 

For international patients, Bangkok appeals because of the reliability of its services, excellent infrastructure, high-tech facilities and world-class surgeons. There is a real emphasis on providing customer satisfaction, helped in no small part by the famously warm Thai hospitality. 

Our partner doctors and surgeons in Bangkok are well trained, highly-qualified and skilled in a multitude of specialist areas. Medicine is very much a global profession now, with new techniques adopted rapidly throughout the world; overseas training and affordable, widespread air-travel help facilitate this phenomenon.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Cost is a major consideration for many medical tourists, and traveling to Bangkok for surgery can certainly make treatment much more affordable for many, even when including the travel and accommodation expenses associated with going abroad. However, no matter how appealing the low costs may be, the issue of quality is something that should never be overlooked and is an imperative part of the process when searching for surgical treatments overseas.

Medical Departures’ understands this, which is why we perform a number of background checks on all our surgeons and facilities. To help you book at a trustworthy medical facility through Medical Departures, we: 

  • Check all legal and criminal records. 

  • Verify the professional memberships and qualifications of doctors.

  • Collect and publish real patient testimonials, which can give you a good picture as to the reliability of professionals. 

  • Conduct personal visits to all clinics and hospitals. 

  • Take high-definition photos and publish them on our site so that patients can get a look for themselves.

No medical or surgical procedure can ever be guaranteed to be 100% successful—even when carried out at a world-class hospital back home—but at least when you book with Medical Departures you can be confident that the facility ticks all the necessary boxes when it comes to maximizing your safety and delivering the aesthetic results you want. 

How Long Does a Butt Implant Procedure Take and What Is Involved?

The butt implant procedure uses either a fat transfer method (harvested from our own body) or implants.

Autologous Fat transfer:

As part of this technique, your own fat is used to lift and enhance the buttocks. This is usually referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift. During this procedure, fat is removed from a designated donor region, normally the abdomen, thighs, back or hips using liposuction. It is then injected into the buttock with a syringe. This procedure takes between two and five hours.

You will have some small incision scars where the fat is injected into your butt and from where the liposuction tube was inserted to remove the fat. The incisions are usually made in areas that can be covered with clothing, such as a bikini bottom.


The alternative implant procedure should only take one to two hours and involves placing the implants through small incisions in the natural creases of your buttocks—just below the large gluteal muscle.

What Is the Recovery Time for Butt Implants?

After the anesthetic from your surgery begins to wear off you will experience some discomfort and swelling. Drainage tubes will need to be inserted into the incisions to draw fluid away.

For the first three days, you will need to avoid exerting pressure on the buttocks and will have to lie on your stomach rather than sitting. You may have to use a pillow to sit on for up to a couple of months, but you should be able to return to work, providing you don’t do anything too strenuous, within a few weeks. You should consult your chosen surgeon in Bangkok (which can be done via our Customer Care Team) about when you can fly back home after surgery. 

The swelling should ease completely after a couple of months but it will be six months before you have healed completely, inside and out.

How Much Can I Save on Butt Implants in Bangkok Compared to Australia or New Zealand?

Butt implants in Bangkok cost, on average, around AUD $5,000 compared to AUD $10,000 in Australia. 

You should be able to realise similar savings on the price of the procedure if you live in the UK or Europe, although travel expenses to Thailand will inevitably be higher. 

To get started, take a look at these three leading clinics in Bangkok for butt implants, and book your free appointment through Medical Departures:

How Do I Get Started?

Check out our full list of quality-checked clinics in Bangkok offering this procedure here

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