Butt Lift in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift in Malaysia

A butt lift in Malaysia is the answer if your butt is a problem area and you’re looking at a more affordable option than the rates at home.

If you want a curvy and sensuous butt but have a flat one, or your butt is sagging for any reason (think post pregnancy or weight loss) check out a butt lift procedure, called belt lipectomy, so that you can fill out your swimsuit or a pair of jeggings.

You can opt for a simple butt lift which will tighten and uplift the area and is a good choice if you already have enough fat and volume. Or you can choose a Brazilian butt lift that means that fat is removed from fatty areas of your body, purified and injected into your butt so that they get lifted and curved. Or you can select implants if you don’t have volume in your butt cheeks.

Why get butt lift done in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a premier tourist destination in Asia and is well connected to Australia via most airlines. It has a lot to offer the traditional tourist in terms of beaches, cultural and historic sites, value for money shopping, food and dining options. The cost of living here is much less and so medical procedures are very affordable.
It is home to well known hospitals and medical centers and the quality of medical care here is excellent, with many facilites having Joint Commission International accreditations. Most doctors have some, if not all, certifications from western countries and are well qualified. The quality of nursing staff, hospital amenities and other aspects make Malaysia a popular medical tourism destination.

Why should you not book on your own?

It may seem easy enough to buy products when doing online shopping and hope for a good experience since buying is cheaper and most websites have a return policy on goods. However, when select a clinic for a medical procedure and check out which one is most cost effective and good, you simply cannot forget that it your body and your health that are at stake. All said and done, cosmetic surgery is major surgery.

When you book through Medical Departures, we always check out the credentials on the doctors, the equipment and amenities in the place and also conduct patient interviews post surgery to make sure everything is on the level. We do not list clinics that do not meet our standards so that there is a safety factor in place when you book through Medical Departures.

What is the time frame for the surgery and the recovery period thereafter?

Actual surgery time differs and depends on the kind of surgery you need for the butt lift procedure that you want. It ranges from one and five hours. It is done under general anesthesia and involves an overnight stay in the hospital, though you may need to stay for a night or two  more.

Butt lift surgery is a major procedure. You may have to take up to two weeks off if you have a lot of discomfort. You should keep in mind that sitting may be difficult for some time and you may have to sleep on your stomach. You will also have to wear special compression garments for a few weeks. As the results begin to show, you will realize that it is worth it.

What is the cost of butt lift surgery?

If you are getting the surgery done in Australia, you will have to pay for it as insurance will not cover it. It can cost you between AUD 10,000 and AUD 20,000, depending on the type of surgery and where you get it done and whether you need implants or fat transfer or not. In Malaysia butt lift surgery starts at a mere AUD 1,650.

What now?

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